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Introducing a long-overdue private Financial Grace networking and support group as part of the big picture,Christ-centred community of prosperous believers! See below for special access and stay tuned for more on how you can participate in the launch of the Financial Grace ‘Prosperity Project’. 

Just about everyone I know has heard the phrase, ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’ regarding getting ahead in business, careers, life, etc.’  So consider a few financial situations with me for a minute:

  1. Who do you talk to when you have some unexpected repairs and are trying to decide where’s the best place to access the money for them?
  2. How do you know whether you should take a new credit card or not?
  3. When you receive an unexpected bonus or windfall from somewhere, who do you talk to about what to do with the money?  How do you know if this is a good investment FOR YOU?
  4. If your income is reduced for some time for whatever reason, where do you access the money or make up the shortfall?
  5. If you’re starting a business or have an idea for a product or service, who do you talk to for sales opportunities, manufacturing logistics and other business startup needs?
  6. What if you have an idea for an investment or income generating project, would you know who to talk to about whether it’s feasible and what would be the next steps to seeing it produce results for yourself and potentially others?
  7. Your adult kids are looking to borrow money for one reason or another and you’re wondering if you should and if so where you would best access the money?
  8. How do you even begin to imagine living in your own house if all you can see if million dollar homes in your neighborhood and barely enough money and time to live the life you currently have?

Who would you talk to about these types of questions?

  • Banker? Nope, their job is to represent bank products and services.
  • Financial Planner?  Nope, they are compensated from commissions on financial products and maybe some fee-for-service advice, but these issues are connected to financial planning, but not really?
  • A Credit Counsellor? Maybe for some of these, but they’re compensated to do debt settlements not to guide you through accessing more money or managing cash flow.
  • An accountant?  Not really, they specialize in tax preparation and some also to tax planning for a fee, but again, nope.
  • A lawyer?  Nope.
  • Real Estate Agent or Mortgage Broker?  They will help you if you have the money and are ready to buy.  They don’t help you plan.
  • Successful business person?  Yes, but not for the advice on the nitty gritty because what they did will be different from what you can do today and today they operate from a different perspective.  Talk to these people to increase your capacity to see a bigger picture.
  • A coach or counsellor?  Maybe for the emotional impact, but they’ll want a fee for their time.
  • A friend or family member?  Maybe, but most likely they will have a bias because they know you and have a similar background, or some people don’t want to share their situation with people close to them for whatever reason.

My point is there are many financial situations that come up on a daily basis and being able to connect with people to get answers we didn’t know were possible, or to create opportunities beyond what you can do from your own knowledge, skills and resources is always limited. We need to work with professionals and we depend on their expertise.  We also need to know how to best make use of their advice and who and when to talk with them.

Satan wants us to look at our own abilities. 
God wants us to look at His abilities. 
God wants us to connect with His Power at work within each of us. 

This means He wants us to connect with each other. When it comes to financial questions and issues and opportunities I have been around the industry for a long time and know that knowing what to ask is critical, and so is knowing who to ask.  You will get both in this exciting program… keep reading!!

It is very easy to be lead astray by what sounds good at the moment – or what sounds good based on someone else’s experience and expertise.  But, as most Financial Grace followers know I have had the unique opportunity to experience the inside of a fraud and the devastating losses as a result – finances, friends, health, reputation, etc.  It is from this pain that I have gained a unique perspective on how to minimize the potential for inappropriate investments as well as how to navigate and recover from financial losses and disappointments from connecting with the Lord Jesus through the Word first, then by applying biblical principles to the world of money we live in.

It is from tour relationship with the Lord and His Holy Spirit that we become open to receiving knowledge and gain wisdom for how that information applies to our situation.  It is from here that we learn to ask questions and connect with people to realize some pretty spectacular financial miracles.  Not that I’m going to take credit for God’s work; not at all;  I know that when you know what to ask and who to ask you will find that God provides answers and opens doors that are already there waiting for you!! 

But you need a place to start…And it is from this perspective that I am inviting you to participate in a unique opportunity to learn, share, network and grow in your overall financial capacity to increase!  I have had several variations of an online inner circle for years, but I’ve been waiting …, for no particular reason other than perhaps fear of failure’ to begin the group again.

Fear is obviously not of God.  In fact, fear is satan’s imitation of faith.  Now that I’ve started the conversation openly – it’s your turn!  Join this private group now and you’ll have the best opportunity to connect, learn, grow and promote!

If you have previously purchased the Moneyology Course from me and Financial Grace, or if you have attended a live workshop from me in the last year or so you are invited to join the group free for the next 90 days. It’s on the honour system so go ahead and request to join the group, just click here now to access now free for the next 30 days.

If you haven’t taken a course,
start today with a donation of $29 for the Triumph Over Money mini training and you’ll have access to the private online network and learning environment – everything you need to jump start financial increase. 

The first 100 members will also have access to personal coaching, and training from the most expensive, powerful program I ever offered in my corporate work called ‘Project M’.  Participants in this program paid $10,000 or $1000 per month to participate.  There was not one person who did not experience life-changing results from this program.  This program was the most practical  and life-changing training and coaching programs.  It was inspired by the parable of the talents to demonstrate how to take a financial seed and double it without gambling!  And you’ll have access to it as a Prosperity Project Participant if you decide to participate at this level.  For now, you can get a head start with your nominal financial contribution.

  • Do you want to live free from the burden of debt?
  • Do you want to increase your potential to receive wealth?
  • Are you interested in expanding your opportunity to help others?
  • What dreams are outstanding in your life that you’re finding hard to hold on to hope of realizing?
  • Does making financial decisions cause you to feel anxious or intimidated?
  • You’re looking at rising prices, particularly with real estate and wondering how you, or your children will ever be able to own their own home?

Don’t wait another minute!  Continuing to do the same things, thinking the same thoughts or pretending you’re doing ok because you don’t see any other way to approach your financial situation won’t change a thing. The smallest pin-prick of hope is all Holy Spirit needs to open the door for you to receive new knowledge and new ways to apply that knowledge!

Start today.  I’ll be doing live webinars and you can ask your questions and get your answers in the group – to issues you didn’t think were possible – promise!!

Request to join now as a previous course participant,
start with a donation and Triumph Over Money.  

I know you’ll be thrilled with the overall content and results!
Abundant blessings,

PS – For many people this is the ‘May Long Weekend’.  It’s often the first warm weather of summer and many people enjoy a mini holiday.  But, God doesn’t sleep and life carries on so… I’ll be online at 7:30 am as per every Monday Morning to start the week (and warmer weather where I am at least) with prayer from 7:30 – 8:00 am PST.  Join here by using the password ‘blessings’
Or use your iphone one-tap (US Toll):  +16465588656,908651509# or +14086380968,908651509#
Or join by Telephone:      Dial: +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) or +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) using meeting ID: 908 651 509.  
And if you need a local number can find one here for you location.


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