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An amazing opportunity for 10-12 financial planners across Canada to participate in the roll out of this important program.  If you think you might be one, or if you know one, please contact Sam directly at or 250-592-0457 (pacific time).

Extraordinary Efficiency With Everyday Finances

cover_image_849x1126On a daily basis we transact with our money for everyday purchases as well as long term financial sustainability.  How your money flows in and out of your life is critical to support a foundation of wealth creation and management.  How, when and where spend you spend and access your money is therefore even more important than what you spend your money on.

Better Banking, is a book/workbook and complementary workshop. The book explains how to set up all your essential money management systems like bank accounts, credit facilities, insurance products and saving vehicles to support a foundation for sustainable wealth.  This book answers questions such as:

  1. How Spending Money Can Make You Wealthy
  2. Why ‘Get Out of Debt’ will Keep You Broke, and
  3. Why Saving Money is Not the Secret to Retirement.

The complete Better Banking workshops are facilitated by trained and licensed independent financial planners.  You can implement the strategies yourself using your current financial programs, or you can work with a financial professional who understands that Better Banking is unique, yet extremely simple and powerful.

Some of the topics covered are about establishing your basic banking, while some are highly effective, yet simple tax and interest saving strategies involving business, retirement and estate planning for financial sustainability as well as immediate benefits.  All the strategies make use of mainstream financial products that you either already have, or should have and will show you how you can arrange them to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Financial planner facilitators are able to walk you through the information in a small group setting so you can learn tips and resources from other like-minded people.  The objectives are to guide you through:

  • How to set up your banking to maximize cash flow
  • How to streamline your financial systems to free up more cash
  • How you can re-organize your current financial products to save interest and taxes
  • How spending money can make you wealthy, not just save you money
  • How to manage debt without sabotaging your lifestyle
  • How to create a financial foundation you don’t have to think about
  • How to develop sustainability in your overall financial plans
  • Why saving money is not the secret to retirement
  • How you ‘be your own bank’ and set one up for your kids too!
  • Ensure you have an immediate action plan upon completion of the program

The Better Banking Book / Workbook is 100 pages of explanations and details on the who, what, when, where, why and how of the following strategies:

  • How to support your personal goals and priorities with every financial transaction
  • Why the conventional financial mindset will sabotage your results
  • How to maximize your income
  • What is an earnings allocation strategy and how use it to immediately shift your results
  • Incorporating charitable earning into your planning for lifetime sustainability
  • Overview of cash flow management and forecasting
  • The reason why the where, when, and how you spend money on basic living expenses influences your immediate and long term wealth situation
  • 7 lifelong banking strategies explained: (basic, automatic, debt management, line of credit, mortgage and investment, insured retirement, corporate estate)
  • Accelerated debt Management and the 12 strategies for maximizing credit access and repair: (stop, spending systems, snowball, convert, contact, consolidate, credit service, credit counsellor, informal proposal, consumer, division 1, bankruptcy)
  • Exit strategies and loss protection plans for investments and businesses
  • Financial strategies for young people
  • Developing and implementing your immediate action plan

The Better Banking Workshops are 3 hours held in personal, comfortable settings like living rooms and places of business – not typically in the financial planners office or hotel-type setting.  We do this because it’s no mystery that money is an intimidating and extremely personal subject.  A typical workshop facilitated by a Better Banking trained independent financial planner and is attended by 6 – 12 people.

Hosts provide refreshments and an environment that is conducive to learning (ie without distractions of phones, kids, pets, clients, etc). The intention is to an environment similar to where you’d relax and watch a good movie. Hosts are compensated $10 per person for their contribution and are encouraged to invite guests to provide a gathering of like-minded people.  Employers are encouraged to invite employees and their spouses.

Participants work on their own financial situation so are not sharing anything private with anyone else in attendance. It is preferable that spouses attend together where possible even if one spouse is predominantly involved in the household finances. Some of the material is applicable for college age people in order to help them develop a solid financial foundation right at the start of their financial life. Predominantly, however, Better Banking concepts are applicable for people who are already established with banking, credit, homes, investments, insurance, real estate, businesses, etc.  Likewise, professionals and business owners will find the tax and interest saving strategies extremely effective.

You might feel like your budget is so squeezed you can barely spare $5 for a coffee; or perhaps you have been blessed with a surplus of cash and are wondering where and how to best use it. Or perhaps, you feel like you’re saddled with debt, or recovering from some sort of financial loss.  or maybe you’re burdened with constant tax pressures. Regardless of your circumstances and what you’ve tried or heard in the past, Better Banking will give you inspiration, encouragement and practical, ‘street-smart’ strategies that will provide you with immediate and long-term results!

Important: Better Banking is an educational program. There is no fee to attend a workshop although it is highly recommended that you purchase a book to use as a workbook and for ongoing reference. The Better Banking workshop is not a sales presentation where you must buy the products presented to realize the results. It is also not a business presentation for you to get involved and recruit others. When you’re talking about concepts such as we are with Better Banking, there are obviously products that could be applicable and can help accelerate your results. However, many people find they can make a massive difference in their overall financial position simply by rearranging the current programs they have in place – promise!

A PDF version of the Better Banking book will be available shortly and a schedule of workshops will also be posted on our events page.  Register here (coming soon) and / or join the Financial Grace community and stay connected for these exciting announcements.

In the meantime, remember we are interviewing for 10-12 financial planners across Canada to participate in the roll out of this important program.  If you think you might be one, or if you know one, please contact Sam directly at or 250-592-0457 (pacific time).

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