Breakthrough Backwards and Upside Down

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”.

The bible records many events where seemingly impossible situations suddenly turn around. The big turnaround. The breakthrough of some sort of stronghold or wall that has seemed to block your peace, your rest, and the vision God has placed in your heart.

The bible is so much more than a collection of historical stories and rules, principles and consequences of not obeying God’s commands.

Love, joy, peace, health, prosperity, and community are themes we often dream about in the context of our current reality. But God’s ways aren’t our ways. To our thinking, rational minds we can easily ‘think’ we know how something I going to turn out.

This week’s MoneyMinding Today Radio show is called ‘Letting Go’; of current beliefs (whether you think they’re serving you or not); of wanting to control situations, especially money; and of letting go of money. This week I share the 4 types of biblical giving along with their motivation and reward.  You can listen online here and access the notes and follow up questions in the Village of Blessings. Login now or Register to become a free member Today.

As you listen, you’ll quickly discern the 3 keys to unlocking the treasures God has already stored away for you which are important in receiving the breakthough which seems to be a strong theme from prophetic voices at this time!

This message below from Cindy Jacobs at Generals International is what we’d refer to as a biblical suddenly. It will be different for everyone so as you ponder these things in your heart, make note of the 3 keys to being in a position to receive your suddenly including the ‘letting go’ strategies to breakdown walls of resistance.

  1. Vision – what is the monetary value of the breakthrough you’d like to see released into your life?
  2. Systems – do you have a streamlined process for receiving and dispersing funds through the financial tools available to you?
  3. Have you planted seeds to produce a harvest of income, or are you living on manna, trying to squirrel enough away for 40 years, hoping to experience some kind of promised land when you retire?

The prophecy from December 1st is below. I pray all this is a blessing to you and I look forward to hearing about your breakthrough and sharing what the Lord is breaking through in my life and ministry with you in the days, weeks, months, years ahead!

God is good – all the time and the heavens declare His Glory throughout all the ages!

Abundant blessings,


Your Suddenly is Coming!

The Lord would say, “I have such a love for you my child, that I would move heaven and earth for you.”

And the Lord says, “I know you’re going through trials. I know you’re going through seasons where you don’t know what to do. So I would say children, if you trust Me, I promise that you will have your breakthrough.”

If you trust Me, I promise that heaven will come into your heart when you need it. But you would say to me, ‘Lord, it’s been such a wilderness. It’s been so long.’ But I, the Lord, say to you, you ought to know what I’m going to do. I will do it suddenly!”

“Where from one day to the next it seems as if you cannot hear me, you don’t know what to do,” but the Lord says, “I will come and do what you asked because the Lord says you will have your suddenly.”



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