Why We Need Financial Grace

Transform your view of personal finances with this insightful and practical 90-minute program.  Find out:

  • What is the current money teaching?
  • Why is it so dangerous?
  • What is the answer?
  • How on earth do you start to slay the giant and move the mountains?

These are critical times we live in.  Money is an extremely sensitive and important subject. It’s also one of Satan’s favourite weapons! In fact, money is connected to his other favourite tactics: families and sex!

We will perish if we don’t wake up and take up the fight.  We will perish faster, if we teach the world’s view of money and attempt to add scripture to legitimize it.  The bible is full of great principles and powerful teaching on the subject of money BUT, the bible is more than great teaching!

Take action today for yourself, your leadership, your members and your community and watch how the Lord will slay the giant and move the mountains both at home and around the world!

To attend or host this 90-minute transformational event contact Sam today!  

250-592-0457 or sam@financialgrace.org

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