Death by Money: Conventional Money Wisdom (show 2 of 5)

January 20, 2018: Death by Money: Conventional Money Wisdom (show 2 of 5)

The phenomenal growth of the personal development and financial seminar industries demonstrates that people aren’t happy with their status quo and are looking for something to help them deal with the result of living in a society fueled by credit.  Unfortunately, this need has also fueled the growth of inappropriate or fraudulent internet and investment schemes.  The chase for the ‘quick fix’ can be subtle, and is often justified intellectually and combined with substitutionary attempts to satisfy unfulfilled desires only God can fill.

The lure for more doesn’t have to be a huge material showcase of glitz and glamour either. I was recently told of someone who had purchased $212 in lottery tickets because he was looking to have more cash for Christmas shopping!  This lottery thinking takes the focus off small opportunities that our Lord provides to each of us personally on a day-to-day basis; but we must first seek Him in the day-to-day financial reality of life for His Power to create wealth to fulfill His purposes for and through your life.

The approach of working with what you have (which never seems to be enough) is a perfect breeding ground for feeding the desire for a quick windfall.  Yet, chasing money in a constant pursuit to have more in order to eventually ‘retire’ is where values get sacrificed and enjoyment of life lost. Join host, Sam Piercy as she looks further at the conflict between the conventional money mindset and the Word of God.

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