Death by Money: What’s Wrong with Conventional Money Wisdom (show 3 of 5)

Creative financing seems to be a lost art, yet many people when they break out of current financial beliefs have not only found out, but have experienced personally, that it’s often easier to find $200,000, than it is to find $20.

When you focus on a little, your mind sees the little. When you focus on a big God with big promises, and simple plans, your mind sees big and simple. Except… if your surrounded by simple-minded people, you’ll find yourself looking at the small world around you. If you surround yourself with God-focuses, big thinkers, you’ll quickly realize the far-reaching negative consequences of conventionally accepted financial advice, like ‘spend less than you earn’, or ‘get out of debt’. These are ½ truths that result in missing opportunities for blessing, overflow and abundance!

Join Sam Piercy as she shares some simple, creative ways of looking at some conventional money issues.

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