Deliverance from Financial Illiteracy

Jesus tells us that the parable of the sowers is the ‘parable of all parables’ by explaining that if we understand how the Word impacts people and circumstances, we will then be able to understand, interpret and act on the other parables. His message is basically, if you have good thinking because the Word of God is in your heart with good roots, you will increase in the mysteries and blessings of the Lord.

This same concept applies to finances. If your knowledge of the systems and tools of our financial world today is faulty, the words, strategies and ideas that you hear will be running through a faulty filter, and therefore producing results accordingly. We call this financial literacy, however, it’s critical for believers to understand that the root of financial literacy taught by the world’s system does not produce the abundant fruit promised in God’s Word. Understanding God’s financial principles and how Kingdom finance works, also requires knowledge of the financial system and tools of our day the same way you would expect to know the farming tools and strategies of the day for example.

Join Sam as she looks at some of the ways the world teaches finance to the people that are not the same strategies wealthy people and businesses use themselves.

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