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The problem with the current emphasis on expanding financial literacy programs for our young people is that the teaching is towards an agenda that is not of God. Worse, most of the church isn’t even aware that the common language and approach to personal finances today assumes a view of money that has positioned it as the thing to be served. Jesus obviously very clearly warned us against the impossibility of serving 2 masters: God and money, yet every time I turn around there seems to be a new article about how as a society we are inadvertently serving the Old Testament god of Baal, specifically, the manifestation of it called Mammon.

In worldly articles this shows up as issues around high debt and low savings rates. The messages from the church are obvious: we have become a society fixated on materialism and accumulating money for self, namely the illusive life stage we call ‘retirement’. The solution, however, is not to ignore finances or condemn wealth or prosperity because that continues to fuel the fire with guilt and attempts to deny desires, thereby causing more intimidation and isolation. The result produces a poverty spirit, not hope and encouragement for an abundant life through Jesus Christ.

Originally, the idea for the current MoneyMinding Today show was more about the perils of making financial decisions based primarily on minimal or worldly knowledge. I now realize there could be multiple chapters in a book explaining the various ways God wants His children to recognize how conventional mindsets and strategies being presented and implemented as Godly financial stewardship, are sabotaging His good plans to prosper His people.

Pride and insecurity rule in the financial mind when it comes to money issues! When the Word of God is not connected to the practical, day-to-day financial reality we live in; where knowledge and Godly wisdom for using and navigating the financial world are separate from God’s promises, the devil is the one who gets ahead.

The world view of money has led too many of God’s people today to adopt a poverty mindset that is frequently masked behind the phrase of ‘God provides’ in an attempt to spiritualize the lack of resources, unfulfilment of dreams and other attempts to justify the financial reality they see. But, when the Word of God is ignited through knowledge and application of the financial tools we use today, there is great power through the Spirit at work in everyday transactions.

Financial assumptions begin by recognizing that even the basic language we use in discussing financial topics will cause separation from God’s intended blessings.  On the show this week I begin the process of helping you break down roadblocks to biblical prosperity by looking at how we can recognize and defend against common language and interpretation of terms like budgets, saving, retirement, debt, insurance to practically and simply defend against this spiritual contamination.​​​​​​​
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