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Wednesday, April 15, 2015:  A Mighty Move of God

“With God all things are possible” Mt 19:26 We’ve all heard it and likely prayed it a zillion times for various things throughout our life.  In finance, I find that its easy for emotions to get mixed up around what to pray for.  There is often a fear of praying for money because of concerns it might seem like idolatry.  There is also an unfortunate perception that praying for finances could be perceived as selfish.  Whatever the reason, the reality is that money has a tendency to create emotional and mental blockages even before we pray.  Instead we end up ‘hoping’ for a windfall or increase, and financial blessing.  This kind of hope isn’t the same as the hope we have in the Lord, because it’s coming from a place of lack, not of abundance.

Yet God does care about your finances and we have biblical example, after biblical example of His infinite provision. So what do you do?  How do you pray for finances?  God isn’t a giant genie that if you pray a particular way He’ll pour out gold into your life, but He does give us seed to produce fruit and an abundant harvest when we seek Him with all our heart.

Join me this week as I share an amazing story and the practical strategies that saw God move in a mighty financial way.

Wednesday, April 29th:  Sequence and Timing of Incorporation and other Financial Systems

Question: Do I need to incorporate a business to minimize taxes if my new product takes off?
Answer: Cash flow is the life of your finances, not the rate or fees you’re paying or earning. This applies to the return on your investments; or rate you’re paying on your loans. This same principle holds true for fees and taxes as well. All of these things are obviously important, but when you follow a structured hierarchy of criteria for making financial decisions it will help you to stay out of fear, doubt and scarcity in your activities and decisions. Staying simple and focused on the important factors will also mean you will have an easier time keeping God’s order and harmony in your financial life. Listen in to learn about the hierarchy and how to apply it to your personal and business decisions today.
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Wednesday, May 6th:  Should I Cut Up My Credit Cards?

Answer:  This question requires you to look at the bigger picture and understand some economic logistics.  To start with it’s critical to know the difference between debt and credit.  One enslaves, the other empowers.  One expands, the other decreases.  In this way, both debt and credit are extremely powerful, but at opposite ends of the spectrum.  Access to credit is extremely powerful and has the potential to create exponentially positive results.  Misuse of credit is also extremely powerful and can exponentially create negative results.

Cancelling a credit card and cutting up a card because you believe it’s necessary to get out of debt is ill-informed advice and will sabotage financial blessing.  It reinforces scarcity, fear and doubt which are not from the Lord just as much as the bondage from non-productive, consumable debt is.  Join me on the CWA Radio Network for Financial Grace Radio to unpack this huge, critical subject and learn how to manage and prosper from credit, despite a potentially ‘maxed out’ debt situation.






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