Financial Power

“You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me…”

When the Holy Spirit prompted me to read the book of Acts it changed my life. I have always preferred to read a book in its entirety before starting another one, but for some reason when I first became a Christian I was encouraged to read the bible in a year so I followed bible reading plans for many years that usually involved passages from the old testament, new testament, a psalm and a proverb.  I had read the bible cover to cover more times than I could remember, and I read Christian non-fiction books, but overall, I would say my bible reading and my Christian walk as a whole was not much different than it had been before I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.  

At the time, I also didn’t have a conscious awareness of how the biblical authors didn’t write in chapter and verse so prior to my encounter with the book of Acts, my time in the Word was scheduled snippets. Yes, Holy Spirit will speak through any part of the Word of God, and if you read my testimony in the Proverbs 1022 Prayer Strategy for Financial Increase, you’ll know that it was the ‘snippets of the Word’ that lead me to a revelation that Jesus was a lot more than an ancient teacher and prophet with a good message.

Holy Spirit brings Power. Signs and wonders and miracles of God’s Power at work in the life of His children are to follow those who believe. This was true 2000 years ago and is the command right through the ages (John 14:12).

[Author’s note: I realize by writing this that some will want to have a theological discussion and I ask you to maintain an open mind as I share from my heart some powerful financial revelations that have been birthed from my professional background and corporate as a result of the revelation I received from the Power through the Holy Spirit working through my life].

When I talk about Holy Spirit Power in finances, some people will say, ‘WOW!’ Others will say, ‘hmmm…’ And others will say, ‘ya but…’ because they themselves haven’t seen something dramatic happen with their own eyes. I thought that was me too, until God opened my heart to his daily provision and the immeasurable quantity and quality of seed He provides through His Spirit working in our lives – if we let Him into these areas we think we need to ‘control’.

Just because we don’t physically see something in the natural world, doesn’t mean it’s not real. The Word of God is very clear that the spiritual world is the substance of faith and the creator of all that we see in the natural world. This includes physical healing, supernatural connections and information, and financial provision.

In this message today, I’m not going to preach and quote a lot of scripture. Instead, I’m inviting you on a journey with me to unpack the Power of God in the financial realm of your life and ministry!

There’s a few critical pieces that will come together if you choose to join me on this journey:

1. Faith in God’s Power and promises today

2. Faith in that Power for provision, abundance, blessings, prosperity in your life

3. Practical knowledge of financial basics applicable to the world we live in today

4.The application of wisdom to knowledge and faith to realize financial blessings beyond what you may have seen or expect to see in the natural, based on the ‘facts’ you see in the numbers!

Personally, I am totally fed up with money teaching that promotes scarcity and self-effort! That is not what I read in the bible!

I’m also fed up with fear attitudes determining what people will or will not do with their life especially around the area of debt and credit.

Credit is bondage and slavery when fear dominates your thinking (see Matthew 25:14-30 and Luke 19:12-28). To the wise, it’s multiplication and possibilities! 

But you first have to realize that without knowledge about the tool of credit you will be a slave to it simply because you made a choice to believe partial information on a subject that actually influences our entire culture! 

To understand how credit can produce increase means you have to look at God’s command to ‘lend to many nations’ which precedes his direction to ‘owe nothing’. This requires knowledge and it requires you to see finances from God’s laws of sowing and reaping.

I’m not advocating debt, i’m saying we have to wake up and understand that our credit-based society has put us all in debt to the world’s financial system and simply thinking you can be financially free by having no personal debt, is self-centered and limiting!

You need to be able to identify seeds in your life and know where to plant them, as well as have God direct you for when and how to harvest the crop He has produced through you.

The Word shows us that, i​​​​​f someone loans you ‘seed’ the expectation is that it will be put to work to produce more ‘seed’.

Instead, a misdirected focus based on partial information on this powerful financial tool has meant too many people are throwing seeds away and giving more and more financial power to unbelievers.

The result is that God’s people are losing financial power in the world at the same time they are not fully accessing the Power of the Holy Spirit who gives them supernatural knowledge, revelation, power, provision, strategy, confidence, increase, healing, etc. to overcome any circumstance in their life – including finances.

We are to be the head and not the tail in the World. We are to increase, and not decrease. We are to shine light and bring healing to dark and hurting places. This requires His Power to work in all areas of our life!

A turnaround in financial thinking and results, however, doesn’t come from little bits of knowledge and emotional tugs to jump in to ‘once in a lifetime opportunities’ to amass massive amounts of wealth!

Financial turnaround needs Power with a capital ‘P’! It needs Faith with a capital ‘F’! And, it needs knowledge to use the financial tools available to you today. 

This knowledge won’t come from the mainstream teaching that has been giving the financial power to the world system on the backs of the people who are increasingly coming behind financially as they attempt to implement the scarcity, self-sufficient tactics being touted as wise money management!  UGH!

A little bit of financial math will tell you it will never work the way God intended it to… but financial math is a skill most adults today don’t even realize they are missing!

So,… here’s what I’ve been working on and here’s what we’re going to do together for the next couple months:

I knew God prompted me to take my work online about a year ago. I had a false start for the first 6 months, then prayer and supportive friends energized a supernatural learning curve to tend to the seeds that needed some fertilizer!

I’ll be honest and say I’ve had a lot of doubts; I’ve invested thousands of dollars and 6 months of work with only minimal harvest, on top of the years of work sowing seeds into a field that was destroyed.

It is only by the Power of Holy Spirit working in me, that I have been able to do some financial math and continue to sow more seed in the ‘famine’ of the early part of this year to continue to ignite a bold confidence and supernatural enthusiasm to replant and nurture the fields from the past!

I invested in some online training and many hours to build the online infrastructure to support a harvest that is ‘measurable, manageable, scalable, and sustainable’.

The field I’ve been planting in is capable of multiply blessings with all praises and glory to our Lord Jesus for His Power at work through this project!  I am so excited to see Him nurture the crop with ideas and strategies so the harvest isn’t based on my effort, but the joint effort of His leading me each step of the way.  This is how He gives you the Power to produce wealth in your life (Deuteronomy 8:18).

When you work online you have to know your purpose (your mission).  Who are you working for? Why are you looking at a computer screen and typing away for hours, days, weeks, months on end? Very shortly, you’ll see a series of blogs and facebook posts for my newest report and training on ‘Money Myths that Sabotage Financial Power’. It’s about revisiting wealth and reframing the top money messages that keep people bound in scarcity and unbelief!

The follow through from this free training you’ll see shortly is a Foundational Training program for financial grace and a powerful, fun and challenging monthly program called ‘The Biggest Earner’!

The foundations  training is 12 sessions and includes everything you need to know to get a Powerful financial breakthrough – for yourself and / or your ministry and cause!

The Biggest Earner is how you connect every month to grow your wealth!  The training will be offered at $397 and the Biggest Earner will be $39/month just so you know these are programs you’ll invest in. The training includes the Biggest Earner membership access and support for the first year!

But… keep reading for the best part!!!

There’s a few missing pieces for me to launch both these programs as well as the free Myths report and training which introduces them.  In online marketing, the process of launching a new product or program is called a ‘funnel’.  I have all the content for these programs, but I’m looking for my first group of students to walk through the lessons with me personally to provide feedback and testimonies!

So here’s your opportunity and my big ask!  

Next week is my birthday and I’m going to host a launch meeting online for anyone who wants to work with me for a few weeks while these final pieces are being completed and put online. The live gathering will be noon PST on Thursday, October 12th but it will be recorded and you’ll have opportunities to connect personally anytime during this final development and launch process.

You’ll get:

  • Personal interaction, training and support from me,
  • Inside, behind the scenes look and access to the online systems and training I’ve invested heavily in recent months!
  • This information alone will enable you to launch out on your own online if you want, or enable you to expand or scale your current business ideas online.
  • We’re talking about ecommerce systems, website and landing page development, online marketing funnels and advertising, online product development, and more!!
  • Opportunities to connect and share and benefit as God opens doors for early participants that won’t exist after the course and program is officially launched
  • My promise that you will experience financial Power as we gather together to pray, share, and invite Jesus into your situations, goals, dreams, and hesitations!

The best part:

You can have all this extra attention for $249 instead of $397 for the first year!

Get more information and register here NOW! 

And in keeping with the personal interaction – you can call me if you want to know more!!

So with that, …

Be blessed and filled with financial Power from a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit in this area of your life!! 


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