A Foundation to Build From

​​​​​​​When I began my financial career, I learned the technical ‘lingo’ and analysis for insurance and investing. Later I learned and taught more comprehensive financial planning strategies and concepts.

​​​​​​​But seriously, who really cares?

When it comes right down to it, all we really want is to be able to live happy, fulfilled, relatively secure lives, right? Money is just a ‘necessary evil’ many will say.

During my active investment advisor career, I worked hard, had great responsibilities advising people on their money, and I earned a good income for the work I did. My family owned a nice home and enjoyed holidays and accumulated a reasonable nest egg for 2 people in their early 30’s. We had a mortgage and credit cards and various savings and investment plans. We had insurance and could write 5 figure cheques without much thought.

By the world’s standards we were ‘doing ok’.

That changed dramatically when we found ourselves in a tax audit that went very sideways and backwards, eventually forcing us into bankruptcy right as my teaching and consulting career was taking off.

​​​​​​​Recovering from this experience came from a lot of learning and a lot of faith – in my ability to navigate the world of money. I knew about investing and insurance – not credit, so I had to learn about navigating the world of mortgages and credit ratings and other lending situations from the place of overcoming the bad credit, no savings situation we found ourselves in.

I certainly didn’t understand ‘how’ God fit into the picture of money in real life today. I read the bible, but didn’t know ‘how’ to trust Him to provide when I could see the numbers and knew what the bills looked like.

I hear this ALL the time in a variety of different phrases that often sound like, ‘I can’t afford it’; ‘that’s not realistic’; ‘that’s too rich for my blood’.

Our recovery from bankruptcy actually came very quickly (whew) from learning what I’d call some ‘street smart’ financial strategies and the development of a system for building or rebuilding a financial foundation.  We bought a home that met our personal goals at that time, in an expensive and ‘hot’ real estate market using this system and seemed to getting our life back ‘on track’ to what we / I thought it ‘should’ be.

Do you know what I mean?  The ‘ideas’ we develop about where we ‘should’ be financially given some sort of preconceived expectations developed somewhere along the journey of life may or may not be God’s plans for our life.

God doesn’t want us to be poor, but He also doesn’t expect everyone to be a millionaire either. He does expect us to look to Him, however, for how He expects us to live in order to fulfill His plans and purposes for our life at this time.

The system that helped us get back on our feet quickly, was called MoneyMinding. I wrote a course called the MoneyMinding Makeover which delivered a foundation of financial skills and information as well as templates and strategies and support to implement the information. The course was very successful and many testimonials and changed lives came from people implementing the concepts.

But, as you will hear me talk about my personal journey, God was in the principles, not the centre of that teaching. It took a much bigger, harder financial drama to break my self-sufficiency, fear, doubt, pride, bitterness, envy, rejection, and just about any other negative emotion you want to through in there.

Somewhere along the line there will be some sort of life challenge that will bring each of us to repentance and forgiveness if we let down our guard long enough to hear His voice and heed His call.

There is no doubt today that He is Lord over money, as He is Lord over all creation!

But, our world view of dealing with finances leads us to self-sufficiency, materialism, with limited resources that do not lead to relationship with Jesus, or with each other for that matter.

Today, I recorded the first show for the weekly radio show I’ve mentioned a few times over the past few months called MoneyMinding Today.  I am still actively in discussions with some amazing financial professionals and ministries about partnering with me for the financial and technical components of this venture, but Joe (my husband) and I felt God say, ‘for such a time as this’ so the show is beginning and we trust God to provide all the support and resources for it to reach the audience with practical, encouraging and timely financial information.

When God calls, He expects us to step out. We don’t always see ‘how’, but we can look at His Word and see that He will not call us to something to have us fail. He calls us so He get’s the glory!​​​​​​​

Money is an interesting thing as far as faith goes, because it always involves someone else. Gold might rain from heaven, but usually money is exchanged through people. In the same way, ideas are exchanged through people​​​​​​​. God works in community and when we gather in His name, He shows up to bring His wisdom, power, and creative ideas to a situation.

What does this mean?

While the tool to navigate life today is money, the message we have to hear is so much more than money. We have to understand that God does not expect us to manage money by ourselves, any more than He expects us to continue a life of sin.

In fact, the money message is really about Jesus because He is the one who gives us the Power to create wealth.  He guides you towards the strategies that can be applied to your life regardless of whether you’re young, old, rich, poor, married or single to experience financial increase inside of God’s peace and provision.

Jesus is our firm foundation. The money piece needs to be managed, but it’s the Word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit that provides the direction for where and how and when to get the knowledge, then to apply it wisely.

This week also begins the pre-release for the Financial Grace Foundations Training. This program includes the MoneyMinding 12-step system – and so much more.

​​​​​​​It includes:

The 3 keys plus 1 for living in the paradigm of God’s financial plans are covered in detail, as well as the core financial skills and mindset of increase (and how to apply them to your life today) necessary to experience the unmerited favour and peace of God’s financial grace – regardless of where you’re starting today!

Join me as we walk through this foundational training to develop a plan to go beyond what you can currently ask or imagine based on what you think you can see in the finances of your life.

Order here now!

The preview live online meeting is scheduled for this Thursday at noon PST. There will be a recording if you’re not available, but you want to start now and take advantage of the preview pricing and group discussions!

Then, stay tuned as I share success stories from MoneyMinding Today with a Foundation for Financial Grace!

Many blessings,


PS – In the training I’ll share some interesting, unconventional financial strategies, like when and how to use a credit card to reduce debt faster than simply not using it which is what just about everyone I’ve ever heard teaches.

I’ll also show you how you can increase your monthly income by $400 a month almost right away without getting a second job or making a large investment with a lot of risk.

I’ll probably also share how I went from ‘maxing out’ a credit card to pay the bills one month to earning a healthy 5-figure monthly income the next month!

​​​​​​​Best of all, I’m not selling anything beyond the training so you can begin with your next financial transaction to connect with God for realizing financial grace (and the increase it brings) in your life right away!

Order here now!

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