Leaders, Hosts and Facilitators

A Financial Grace Leader has taken extensive training and fully supports the programs and concepts of Financial Grace within their church and community.  A Financial Grace Leader subscribes to our statement of faith as well as these core messages:

  • Not retirement planning – sustainability planning
  • Not ‘get out of debt’ – manage resources, including credit, efficiently
  • Not increase return – increase effectiveness
  • Not just charitable giving – charitable earning
  • Not just save money – spend intentionally
  • Not estate planning – legacy planning
  • Not risk management – loss protection

Hosts are Financial Grace partners who support specific programs in their church and community.  These community leaders are trained and supported by Financial Grace founder, Sam Piercy.  The Moneyology Course is available for individual or group study without prior training, and of course, additional support is always available for participants and leaders to ensure maximum effectiveness from all Financial Grace Programs!!

Currently many Financial Grace events and programs are facilitated either live in person or via a webcast with Sam.

For more information on how you can become a host or leader please contact Sam at 250-592-0457 or sam@financialgrace.org.