You WILL Make More and Keep More!

I’m Canadian and my family going back for generations is also.  We are known to be so polite that if someone bumps into us, we’ll apologize.  I know guilty of this – but with this message I’m sharing with you here, I’m not apologizing or pussy-footing around the bottom line!

When you know that you know that you know something is good and necessary you don’t back down – you proclaim it boldly!

Better Banking WILL make you money whether you’re an advisor or a client.  It doesn’t matter if you are just starting with your financial life, or whether you are well entrenched with your current investments, real estate, businesses, insurance, banking, etc. I PROMISE this is not like anything you’ve seen and it’s not what you think! 

I sold my very successful investment practice in 1999 to teach on sustainable income within the context of conventional finance systems.  My research and experience personally, professionally and with the people around the globe has only confirmed again and again that THESE CONCEPTS WORK and that this information is anything but conventional!

I will take a maximum of 12 financial professionals to work with me on the development of this powerful program for the mass market.  These advisors and their clients will get to benefit from the program almost immediately!  That means that across this polite country of ours we WILL be making a significant impact in personal finances beyond anything you could previously ask or imagine!

There are some important criteria for these special advisors to meet, but I assure you that, when they step out into their communities with the program, there WILL be an explosion of radical financial transformation!

Visit for more information and call or email me right away if you think you might be ready to kick start your financial or coaching business by contributing in a new and significant way to the lives of the people you serve!


Samantha (Tracy) Piercy, CFP

Connecting God, Money and Real Life Today
with programs for Faith, Family and Finances

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