A Mighty Move of God – Financial Grace News April 3/15

You may have noticed that there was no Financial Grace Friday news last week.  Today is Good Friday and Easter Weekend so I’m going to share personally a story of experiencing God’s resurrection power in the area of finances (really in the area of life in general, but in areas with financial implications).

This episode is called, ‘A Mighty Move of God’ because He is moving in mighty ways around the globe. Personally, He has moved in to actually ‘move’ my family.  In recent years we have experienced a long stream of disappointments with financial implications.  Lost business transactions, real estate deals, contracts, and other activities where you invest a lot of mental and emotional energy were far outnumbering completed positive transactions.  The kind of situation I’m referring to is one where you pursue a worthwhile venture with an expectation for a positive return. Instead, you come up with no or minimal results.  Over time these situations leave the door open for the enemy to feed your mind with discouragement, disappointment, depression and despair.  Ultimately these negative emotional responses affect you physically and relationally as well, with the ultimate result being isolation and intimidation.

God’s plan is that our work is productive and fruitful (see Ecclesiastes 5:18) and that we prosper relationally, emotionally, spiritually and financially (see Deuteronomy 8:18 and Jeremiah 29:11). When you’re in the middle of financial disappointment or struggle, the tendency is to look at the situation and to deal with the symptoms – i.e. to get rid of the financial stress.  This actually is the same in any situation we find ourselves, not just financially: our human nature wants to ‘flight’ from the situation that seems to be causing the pain, stress, fear, anxiety, unhappiness, etc.

Here’s what I know from both personal and professional experience. You won’t be able to realize God’s full blessings in your life if you are unorganized, irresponsible, or hap-hazard with your money.  You have to have good systems and a solid financial infrastructure to work with. You also can’t go chasing after quick fixes by gambling on a lump sum to fix a problem that’s built up over time.  You also can’t expect to experience financial peace by ignoring the small details of your day-to-day financial responsibilities or with ad-hoc financial decisions.

You have to know where you stand and what God wants for your life.  Then from that position of strength you can confidently look for solutions through your own initiative and through prayer.  The combination of your efforts to manage your systems and explore options, and God’s direction through prayer is how results are found.  I have experienced this many times in my life in the past, the latest one is perhaps the most significant so far though.

At the beginning of the year Joe and I attended a prophetic conference.  During a time of prayer I felt God speaking to me / us about an upgrade and breakthrough.  As we were praying, a long time friend who was also attending felt prompted to come and pray for us.  His spoken words were what I was hearing from God so it was a very impactful event.  For a few weeks after this event it seemed that disappointments were becoming even more regular than were successful completions.  The oppression I was feeling in our home seemed to make me physically ill whenever I approached the front door of our house.  This indicated to us that we were dealing with more than circumstances happening in the natural and a spiritual cleansing and reclaiming of our house and property was arranged.  

Almost immediately the sense of sickness and fogginess inside our home lifted.  We then went on and did some other spiritual ‘reclaiming’ and in early March someone in our prayer group suggested a group time of fasting to seek breakthrough and a quickening of answers.  Joe decided to participate and I reluctantly joined in.  By the end of 10 days of prayer and fasting both of us were unified on our conviction that God was telling us to sell the house to be available to go where He will send us.  That was on a Sunday.  We called a realtor on Monday.  The house was listed on Tuesday.  An hour after it was listed, we had a request for a showing.  We scrambled to tidy up as that was all we had time to do. The couple stayed for an hour and the next morning gave us an offer that required only minimal adjustments.  We had a sale within 24 hours!  The only hiccup was a few delays on the inspection details.  Those delays were extremely stressful because of the history of incompletions. They tested our attitude and our faith (which wasn’t always positive) with the result being an even stronger push to seek Him and to rest in whatever the outcome was going to be. They also proved to be amazing reminders about how the enemy will work to delay, defer, and destroy anything that moves us closer to where God is leading us.  We did our part in the prayer and planning, but in the waiting phase there was nothing we could do but continue to pray and wait and trust. Ultimately these delays proved to demonstrate that when God moves, nothing can get in the way of His plans.

We had listed the house a couple times in the past and had to wait through dozens of showings, realtor requests and price changes; not to mention a lot of hard work to prepare the property for sale in the first place.  In this case, we prayed and fasted together and with a single showing the house was sold with favourable terms and conditions and everything we could have asked for.  No amount of fretting, stressing, planning and preparation could have produced results like this.  

Our role is to seek Him first, and to ensure that we do our part to be prepared for His move. When we do; He’ll move the mountains and produce results greater than anything we could ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

This week as we celebrate the cross and Easter, we pray that you receive a fresh revival of inspiration, insight and Holy Spirit power to move through whatever financial barrier might be perceived in your life.  I also look forward with fresh revelation to sharing this amazing journey with you.

Abundant Blessings,
Joe and Sam

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