Mission, Vision, Values

Our vision is to provide empowering and practical programs, tools and support to encourage people to enhance their financial capacity by strengthening their relationship with the Lord and their financial infrastructure  .

Financial Grace programs aim to empower positive change in the financial well-being for working people in such a way that they are strengthened to support themselves as well as others in need. The goal is to shift the view of personal finances by helping to implement systems that increase sustainability through effectiveness and efficiency for self and others.

Our purpose is to provide training through direct programming as well as training for financial professionals and church leadership to facilitate and host programs in their local community.  In this way we are able to connect locally and globally to transform not just personal finances, but whole communities with a unique and powerful message of Jesus’ infinite love and His teaching on sustainability.

Our values encourage God’s provision, not simply the money you can see in the bank. Our programs are practical, professional and encourage order and harmony in day-to-day finance to better equip His people to experience and share His abundance without struggle and stress.