Death by Money New Series on MoneyMinding Today: #1, The Situation

When our conventional money wisdom approaches personal finance from the perspective of ‘spend less than you earn’, don’t overspend, so you can accumulate enough money for retirement, MoneyMinding for financial grace shows you how an ‘earn more than you spend’ approach, helps create balance with a mindset to support ongoing and increasing income through Jesus to overflow blessings – not to accumulate enough for yourself to last your lifetime.

It doesn’t matter whether $1000 is a lot of money to you, or whether you’ve got millions, if you aren’t able to connect biblical prosperity with basic financial math to efficiently use the money tools of the day, you will experience some level of ‘death by money’ in your life through uncertainty, stress, guilt, resentment, or your unfulfilled Godly purpose!

Listen here as Sam Piercy begins to unlock the causes of money stress, and how a simple $10 solution can be the catalyst to transforming your financial mind for you to live in triumph over money, regardless of your current financial situation.

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