MoneyMinding for Financial Grace

“He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

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MoneyMinding is a process of developing a mindset for minding money in a way that supports your individual lifestyle desires, interests and circumstances. It’s basis is the world of financial planning integrated with principles for success. It’s a systematic approach to learning and implementing street-smart, entrepeneurially-minded financial skills that fit with your personal situation. The systems and skills are applicable whether you’re a seasoned financial professional or financial newbie. Over the years I have taught MoneyMinding to multi-millionaires, at-risk street youth, and everyone in between!

Orignially, the process and methods were developed from my years working and teaching in the world of financial planning. I was a believer at the time, but the teaching was based on biblical principles integrated with the world of money, not from the place of relationship with our Lord.

Life circumstances have a way of taking our scars and bringing us to places we never dreamed we would go, or become, as we surrender our personal beliefs, goals and dreams to Him who gives them to us in the first place and let Him reveal Himself to us in new, exciting and powerful ways. For me, the defining circumstance brought me to a place where MoneyMinding, the process, needed Financial Grace – a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus through this area of life we call finance!

Financial beliefs are deep rooted and often people don’t even realize they have strongholds – especially when they have a strong relationship with God and have a stable financial life according to their personal ideas of what that ‘should’ look.

It’s not wrong to have strong convictions in this area – but at the same time we must understand that money is a tool the enemy uses to control God’s people. A key way he does it is to isolate, intimidate, create uncertainty, and / or pride. Pride assumes we know what’s best for our circumstances.

I’m certainly not saying that I think I have all the answers – haha! What I do know, however, is the absolute necessity for God’s people to be transformed by the renewing of our minds in the financial realm. We have been taught by the world and adopted our financial beliefs based on the world’s teaching. We have to live in the world so we have to be able to navigate the world’s system in a way that connects us to the Word of God.

We need our financial professionals to help us make decisions about the specific products and strategies, but we need Holy Spirit and God’s Word to direct us in how to implement those strategies for us. This requires knowledge and it great wisdom.

There is so much God is speaking to me today about this critical connection and the process of MoneyMinding for Financial Grace, I hope you join me in the Village; ask me questions; comment, and share the messages with others to expand your own knowledge, understanding, and opportunities as you invite Holy Spirit to reveal new ideas, connections and wisdom into your situations.

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