The Financial Grace Foundations Course

Unlock Financial Increase by Rethinking the Connection Between God, Money and Real Life Today!

FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME YOU CAN PURCHASE THE ORIGINAL COURSE CONTENT UNDER IT’S ORIGINAL NAME, Moneyology®.  It is a 8-session home study course or small group program.  The course will challenge you to evaluate your beliefs about money and about God while at the same time supporting you to begin to implement a solid foundation for increasing the flow of ongoing income into your life to realize dreams and goals that might not currently seem ‘realistic’.

In a group discussion you can share ideas, pray and support each other to overcome hurts, habits, frustrations, and limitations in order to thrive, whether you currently feel like you are managing very little financial resources or are concerned about how you’ll maintain and ‘steward’ the millions you’ve been blessed with today.

Moneyology will help you identify many of the 1/2 truths that have become accepted as ‘facts’ so that through finances you are able to better discern God’s voice and purposes for your life.  A paradigm shift in your view of finances will show you the whole truth and create immediate opportunities for earning, managing and maintaining wealth in today’s economic climate!

Moneyology isn’t just about cutting back, getting out of debt and saving more money for retirement.  It’s also not a product, strategy or specific business. It’s a fresh new look at personal finances complete with practical, tangible exercises to implement the concepts into your life no matter where you are today.

By the end of the course you will have the key information and tools for implementing strategies that will help you not just become stronger financially, but also to earn and access more money for yourself and the causes God has uniquely placed on your heart to fulfill.

Order the Digital Version of the Preview Program Today for only $79 Cdn and Jump Start Your Results NOW!  And take advantage of the special savings as we prepare the new recordings and workbook!

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