MoneyMinding Meetings – General Overview

A Dynamic and Supportive Way to Grow Financially, Relationally, Spiritually

moneytreemeetingMoneyMinding Meetings are free weekly drop-in events held in various locations hosted by Financial Grace Course Graduates and Leaders. MoneyTree Hosts are volunteers who are interested in helping others navigate personal finance issues in a way that enhances their opportunity for increased results – they are not necessarily financial professionals.

Hosts are pastors, counselors, business owners, teachers, coaches, community program leaders, students, parents, and anyone passionate about helping to make a positive financial impact in the lives of others by sharing God’s love while also learning practical, transforming financial strategies.

The topics are timely, topical and participant directed.

Meetings consist of a 15 minute recorded lesson from the material presented on Financial Grace Radio. The lessons are followed by approximately 30 minutes of facilitated small group discussion to help meeting attendees apply and implement the concepts into their own lives as applicable.

  • They are supportive, simple yet powerful, and require no commitment other than a willingness to learn and a curiosity to discover different financial perspectives to help participants increase their overall financial results.
  • Financial Grace Leaders support the Meeting hosts so attendees receive a consistent message leading towards the development of sustainable income while also building a solid financial foundation to increase overall financial capacity.
  • MoneyMinding Meetings are not sales meetings. They’re opportunities to learn; to meet other like-minded people for personal and business growth; and to be supported through personal financial and spiritual growth.
  • At MoneyMinding Meetings you will find young adults, married couples, professionals, retirees, single men and women, and even some older people.
  • Group dynamics and sizes will vary by location, but at all MoneyTree Meetings have the same lesson each week and the same discussion points to help apply and implement the concepts as applicable.
  • All participants and hosts also have opportunities for follow up support and potential to request weekly topics.
  • There is no charge to attend although most hosts will appreciate advanced registration to make arrangements for refreshments, handouts, etc. A nominal and optional donation to offset costs for these items would be appreciated.
  • MoneyMinding Meetings take place in coffee shops, restaurants, people’s homes, places of business, churches, community centres, or other easily accessible locations. They are also held in the morning, as lunch ‘n learn’s at work, after work, in the evening and on weekends.

If you are interested in becoming a MoneyMinding host:

  • To help people in your community
  • To stay connected to Financial Grace training and
  • To help you build and strengthen relationships with like-minded people, contact us at or 250-592-0457.

Stay tuned here for a list of locations in your area.  In the meantime, make sure you tune in to Financial Grace Radio for inspiration, encouragement and timely money topics presented from a practical, biblical perspective!