MoneyMinding Meetings

Connecting to Increase Financial Capacity


Financial Grace MoneyMinding Meetings are hosted by trained Financial Grace Facilitators.  Sam is currently hosting live online meetings.  You can access the recordings of these meetings here and make sure you’re subscribed to our email list to find out about access the recordings and activation exercises for each lesson.

MoneyMinding Meeting Video Lessons

The events are structured to provide a non-threatening environment to encourage learning and connecting for the purposes of increasing income as well as creative strategies for managing day-to-day money issues. Financial professionals as well as everyone else are welcome so you’ll be sure to make connections and learn new things from the fellowship with people young, old, single, married, rich or not (yet).

Sam’s passion and expertise is to help people break through financial barriers to realize the dreams and goals God has planted in their hearts.  Her methods are simple, deeply rooted in God’s Word, and not just another version of the world’s money teaching with some scripture mixed in.

The meetings are absolutely NOT financial planning sales or product presentations!! The format includes prayer and a unique process for people to ask financial questions as well as to make requests for personal or business needs.  Participants have the opportunity to bring their questions forward either anonymously or publicly.  Each meeting will include a short teaching tip and facilitated discussion for who and when and how to apply the concept presented for maximum effectiveness.

The Holy Spirit will guide the discussions to lead everyone to a greater understanding and direction for whatever real money issues people are facing.  Some of the issues might be personal, and some might be applicable for someone you know.  Some issues might even be corporate or larger economic concerns.

Financial Grace MoneyMinding Meetings are offered by donation with proceeds from the local events directed towards supporting local ministry projects as determined by the hosts. 

Regardless of your interest or need, as a group we will pray and declare God’s provision and blessings for our families, community, nation and for all God’s people. Come prepared to be inspired, informed and blessed!

If you are interested in attending please see the Events Calendar for current times and locations and make sure you join the Financial Grace Community by subscribing at the side of this site for announcements of new locations and times.

Please subscribe to the Financial Grace newsletter to stay connected on MoneyTree Meeting times and locations, or you can contact Sam directly if you are interested in becoming a MoneyTree Host or if you’d like to offer your church, business or ministry location for events to be held. or 250-592-0457 (pacific time).