More Income Today: Friday News, March 6th, 2015


This is a heads up!! I am soooo excited I can hardly stand it! Beginning the week of April 7th for 16 weeks, I’ll be facilitating a pilot Financial Grace Power Money Course live in Victoria. I’ll also be delivering 3-hour Better Banking workshops live and via webcast. All this means opportunities for people to earn immediate income.  Here’s how:

Better Banking is a unique and powerful look at how you can implement extraordinary efficiency into your everyday finance. This means how you can access cash to create sustainable income in an extremely tax and interest efficient way. It does not matter if you are just starting out, or whether you are well established in business and finances. You are guaranteed to learn how you can immediately take control over your finances in ways you didn’t previously think possible – promise!!!

Hosts provide a facility and some nibblies and are compensated $10 per attendee. If you invite a handful of friends, family, associates or employees and others from the community come you’ll earn $10 x the number of people.  Workshop attendees will find out how they can maximize their money without cutting back or sacrificing their life while also creating an extremely powerful sustainable infrastructure for accessing cash throughout their lifetime, If you host and have 10 guests, you earn $100.  There are some criteria and parameters, but you get the idea I’m sure.

If you want to attend a Better Banking workshop there is no charge to do so other than pre-registration requirements so you know what to bring and what to expect. It is highly recommended though that you plan to purchase a book/workbook so you have additional details and reference material for implementing the strategies into your financial life.

Call me if you’re interested in hosting so we can get some dates on the calendar for the people who want to attend a workshop for themselves.

If you’re out of town, that’s ok. I have financial professionals who are sponsoring the development and publication of the program and they will be jointly facilitating workshops with me soon. If you are a financial professional and would like to participate in this very unique opportunity, then call me to find out what it means for you.

The Power Money Course is about to launch with a pilot mentorship plan. This course will guide you through charitable income creation, efficient money management, maximizing access to cash, risk minimization and overall sustainability. It’s not your ordinary financial training, even though all the concepts and strategies can be implemented by ordinary people. You don’t have to have any special training or current wealth. You don’t need to buy any business or investments. In fact, if you already have a business and investments this program will help you to accelerate your results while also increasing your capacity to realize dreams you didn’t previously think were possible.

You’ll learn and prepare a plan to create a potential $40,000 within 12 – 18 months while also preparing a foundation for sustainable income to last your life. This IS NOT a get rich quick plan, but it will definitely provide you with the tools, skills and strategies so you could be financially set for life within 12 years or less.

Each Power Money Course Participant creates a bursary for someone who is living well-below the poverty level but who is motivated to turn things around. As you learn and implement the strategies for your own life, you will also be contributing to someone else’s financial transformation. More information is still coming, but there will be limited spaced for this pilot program so here’s the summary. If you’re interested then call now so you’re not disappointed.

  • 16-weeks, 2 hours per week of training and practical strategizing within the group.
  • The objective is to provide the training, exercises and support for both the bursary participants and paying, mentor participants. As a group you will learn and implement practical strategies for earning income, managing cash flow and implementing a foundation for short and long term sustainability.
  • The course will consist of 2 categories of participants: one group will be a paying group of learners; the other group will be bursary recipients who are highly motivated to transform their financial lives.
  • During the 16 weeks, all participants will have income targets totaling $150 each. Their actual results could be more or less, but there are very specific measurable goals and activities that will target this income during the course.
  • The income earned during the program will be pooled. The participant who earns the most from implementing the income projects that are established during the program will have the opportunity to disburse 90% of funds to the host charity. The balance of funds they get for themselves to hopefully run through their personal earnings allocation strategy which is one of the strategies within the training.
  • If the full group consists of 8 paying participants and 8 bursary participants then the target group income would be $2400. This means that the biggest earner has an opportunity to earn up to $1200 as well as make a potential charitable contribution of up to $1200.
  • The plans that each participant implements during the program and all further income generated from their activities is yours to do with as you please!
  • The combination of paying and bursaried participants provides mentorship opportunities as well as accelerated learning for both groups.
  • The fee for paying participants is $999 as a one time payment or 4 x $299 payable today and 3 further payments in 30 day increments.
  • This fee includes the training and coaching and support. It will include networking and one-on-one opportunities as well. When you consider that a financial coaching is typically $250 per hour or $1200 per month minimum; or that financial plans start around $5000, this will be money well invested!!!

You can stay tuned for more details and online registration or you can call or email me today for more details!  250-592-0457 /

This week’s Financial Grace activities:

Taking a Break:  Financial Grace Radio on March 2/15.  I will be back though!  New format begins April 6th.  Perhaps you’re a financial professional, business coach, pastor, ministry leader, or someone who has an amazing story of God’s provision in their life that you’re comfortable sharing for others to learn and be inspired by, give me a call so we can schedule you to be a guest on Financial Grace Radio with the CWAradio Network!



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