New Beginnings!

A couple weeks ago I shared how I’d experienced a few setbacks and discouragements and how God was faithful in guiding, strengthening and renewing His love and purpose for my life. Since July 7th my life seems to be filled with Power-packed days and nights.  I’m going to continue sharing this journey with you because I believe there are valuable lessons for everyone – and that you can get an inside seat to the real life of an online entrepreneur, teacher, minister.

I am no stranger to online marketing and training as this was the delivery format for my corporate business going back to 2004.  Yes, a lot has changed, but the concepts for communicating with people are consistent.  We have sleeker systems and more powerful tools with more opportunities to share, but the medium is still online.  When I started online my first website was built in code and cost tens of thousands of dollars.  My current sites have been built by me.  I know many people can do much better jobs than I can, but sometimes in life you just have to do things with what you have available to you at the time.

My business collapsed in a dramatic climax to an extremely stressful year and half of working with someone who didn’t share my values or vision.  It was later confirmed that the process this person was attempting to implement was illegal and I was being set up to be responsible for the illegal activity. I had no way of maintaining the systems I had to support the income the business was earning and overall, this was one of those life changing moments. 

At the time, there was $98 in the bank and I was personally responsible for $17,000 per month of expenses (mostly debt) and what seemed like no way to earn the income we needed to live, let alone pay for anything else.  But God provided in a series of miraculous ways over the next few years.  Each one is a great story so stand by as I share more so you can learn and be encouraged to hold on to God’s promises to provide.

While my husband Joe, and I were still stunned by the situation and not sure which side was up or how we’d survive financially, our daughter qualified to compete at her first National Track and Field Championship – a goal she worked toward for the whole year!  Ugh!

I’m sharing this because sometimes God will let dramatic events hit you over the head to bring you into a deeper relationship with Him.  Sometimes His mercies and His provision come through trials and many tears.  There was no running away, and no amount of yelling or crying could change the reality we found ourselves living.  As we look back, it has not been easy to let go of old patterns of thought and behavior, but He is patient and He will whisper and gently nudge you along, just as He will jolt you into something new. 

One of the new skills I learned during this time was about building websites and here’s a key lesson for you:  when you have a strong enough reason, God will lead you through any situation as you surrender your will to His goodness. 

I did not want to build a website; I did not want to work by myself; I did not want to look at an empty bank account; or pick up the phone to ask for help, but what were my choices?  Give up my home, my family, my life’s work, and everything I believed in and do what?  Running away wasn’t an option and it turns out it’s a lot harder to find employment when you’re older and have been working on your own for a long time.

God gave me the grace then to sit down and use Google to figure out how to build a free website and set up an account so our daughter could raise the money she needed to get to the Competition.  This took a full Saturday, but 3 weeks later she had $1625 when all she needed was $1500.  Thank you, Jesus!  She even came back with a medal!

Fast forward to last month… For years, I had been trying to do less work online because I prefer to be with live people, than computers.  But, I felt God was leading me to move my work back online so last fall I began that process.  In January, I signed up for an online system to automate the online communications so I could deliver live trainings, etc.  Sadly, after 6 months and many thousands of dollars I found myself worse off than when I started.  How?  Because I had someone help switch to a new system since the first one seemed to require more technical expertise to customize it than I first anticipated.  I ended up with a system I knew nothing about and I had used up more than the budget allotted for the development and seemed to have nothing to show for almost 7 months of effort.  Sigh…

But God provided through some supportive friends and prayer partners who encouraged me to look not at what was wasted and spent, but what was invested and sown!

It turns out, when God leads you to something, He will also see you through it and will give you the Grace and resources needed for each small step of the journey.  A few weeks ago, I could have easily said, “I can’t do this”.  Just like a few years ago I could have said, “I can’t do this”.  

Can’t or Won’t?

I believe we are all capable of doing a lot more than we give ourselves credit for because we hide behind a mindset that has been shaped by the events of our life.  We do have choices even when we think we don’t, or we don’t want to go a certain direction. 

The biggest choice we face every moment of every day is whether we will choose to believe God’s Word and His promises, or whether we will act on what we can see, think we can see, or what we anticipate will be the results based on our own experiences and will.

This process always involves active prayer; an interactive dialogue with God and it is this reason why the financial grace begins with a foundation of prayer.

I was wakened in the night a couple months ago with the concept of the Lord’s Prayer as a blueprint for praying for finances.  In the last few weeks one of the tasks I have completed is a new ebook called, The Proverbs 1022 Prayer Strategy for Financial Increase The Lord’s Prayer Blueprint is included in this new publication.

Following this is another new ebook I’ve been talking about writing for a couple years, called Prosperity Seeds.  These key resources are the beginning of what online marketers call ‘funnels’. It is only through prayer and God’s Grace that in the past 2.5 weeks I have been able to:

>  learn a new online system
>  write 2 ebooks
>  create graphics for the ebooks and format them for online delivery
​​​​​​​>  record a couple introductory and welcome videos
>  implement the online delivery for the new resources
​​​​​​​>  build several online ‘landing pages’, thank you pages and order forms
​​​​​​​>  write and program the email follow-up messages
​​​​​​​> link all this together plus a whole lot of other little details and learning…     which is just the beginning!

Oh ya,… I also spent time with my husband and daughter and some good friends, attended a family wedding on Vancouver Island for 3 days and started exercising again!  This was not something I could have done on my own strength – yikes – not likely!

I don’t share all this to brag – NO. 

This is the result of prayer; the result of spending time with Him; the result of holding His Word in my heart; the result of having supportive people in my life; the result of His Power at work in and through my life in the exact way I know He can and will do in your life too!

I share this to encourage you and help you learn some concepts that perhaps are just the answers you need for you own business / income / financial activities. 

Stay tuned!  The wave of the Spirit of Breakthrough is upon us!

Be blessed!


PS – Get your Proverbs 1022 Prayer Strategy for Financial Increase Here! 

I did mention, it’s free, right?  You can also access the Prosperity Seeds after you enter your name and email for the prayer.  There is a small ‘seed’ investment for this resource though.  Check it out!  You can see the results and learn how you can put them to work in your own life!

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