Owe No One, Lend to Many

This is a 2 part message because I was immediately convicted in my spirit about robbing God when we continuously focus on decrease and ‘living within our means’ as the primary way to be ‘good stewards’ of the money God had blessed us with.  These are 1/2 truths that keep us from seeing that God has blessed each of us with many ‘seeds’ that He wants us to ‘plant’ in order to produce a harvest that blesses us and overflows to bless others.

You can’t overflow blessings if your focus is on decrease!

This might be one of my biggest sources of inspiration as well as frustration.  You sabotage not only your desires and life purpose when you focus on decrease.  When you learn to see increasing possibilities you put yourself in a position for God to bless you and overflow to others.

Watch Part A Here

Watch the PS (part B) Here

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