Financial Grace Partners and Leaders

Partners and Leaders are the foundation of our community.  Over the next couple months you will see the community evolving from the foundation of prayer upwards and outwards.  Our vision is to establish Financial Grace Ministry Hubs in communities so there are personal connections and support as well as training and program delivery available locally for people to participate in.

A partner receives special benefits and access to additional support.

A leader receives partner benefits plus recognition for their commitment to the community through their commitment to receiving and sharing training and for their financial support.

A Ministry Hub is a level of partnership that consists of at least 3 people who will fill the roles of prayer leader, financial professional and program facilitator.

For details and questions about the Partnershipsand Ministry Hubs please contact Sam directly at or 250-592-0457.  The initial group of partners and Ministry Hub Leaders will available shortly.  To confirm your partnership please select the level from the PayPal drop down menu below and simply return the email to Sam outlining the short term details and benefits being provided as discussed.

Partner Levels