Preparing for Financial Resurrection

Today, April 9th, is celebrated in the church as the beginning of the week before the Cross. This was a time of great celebration as Jesus rode into the city for Passover.  The events of the week quickly changed, however, from celebration to mocking, then mourning before the resurrection a week later.

Our life can go resemble similar ups and downs on a weekly basis if we’re not careful. Many people look forward to the weekend and enjoy a time of celebration on the weekend where they socialize with friends and participate in hobbies and other enjoyable activities they don’t have time for during the week.  But come Monday, something can happen at work, or any number of things can breakdown or come up unexpectedly and the time of celebration can turn to anger, frustration, bitterness, stress or anxiety.

From the Word of God we learn how the Blood of Jesus restores our soul and leads us to still waters and green pastures; how blessing and promise await those whose trust is in the Lord.   In the world, however, we learn to become fearful, distrustful, and guarded.  We see pain and suffering, poverty and evil all around, and financially we get bombarded with information designed to ‘sell’ products and services (which are important and necessary), but creates confusion without the corresponding financial knowledge to evaluate them effectively in light of your personal circumstances and purposes.

Sadly, it is common today to hear of the impact of recreational drugs taking a young life, or car accidents from distracted or drinking drivers – a sad reality of the poverty of spirit impacting in our society.  I find that even writing about these things causes a bit of uneasiness in my spirit.  I couldn’t imagine sitting under a 24 hour news broadcast and what the impact that ‘noise’ would do to my mind.

We are impacted by the world’s thoughts, ideas, information, and activities.  Our hopes and dreams and knowledge, beliefs, and ideals are impacted by the world around us. But we live in the world, yet are not of the world when we are born again by the Spirit of Truth.  We have the opportunity to rise above the oppression by standing on the Truth of the Word of God.  We also have the opportunity to position ourselves on a daily basis against the onslaught of life by strengthening ourselves in the Word and by understanding how the world’s system is in opposition to God’s, especially in the area of finances.

Economics is satan’s last stronghold over the people of God.  Jesus triumphed over death through His resurrection, and today we triumph over money through recognizing that our current financial reality is not under the control of God’s people, and to begin to break down barriers that keep His people in darkness:  lack of knowledge, intimidation, assumptions, and self-effort.

Last week the focus was on the beginning financial breakthrough with prayer and developing a supportive community.  This week our Financial Grace focus is preparing for resurrection from a mindset of poverty, lack, fear, intimidation, and anxiety. 

We will pray about these things on Monday morning, and during the week, I’ll share some strategies for banking, insurance, business and investing that will help you understand how absurd some of the commonly accepted teaching on managing money really is when you compare it to the Word of God.  Way too many people ask questions about things like reverse mortgages, how to get the bank to stop increasing their credit, and where to invest their money to get the highest return so they’ll be able to retire with enough to look after themselves.

You don’t increase by decreasing and you don’t triumph by yourself! I hope you can join me / us!

Have a blessed week!

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