Seeking and Speaking and Financial Systems

The question about how to seek God with your whole heart and also be a good financial steward has many people believing that talking about finances is serving money. The real issue in not serving both God and money, it’s that money needs to serve God. But how do you do that in a world that only knows the world’s view of working, saving for retirement and not overspending so you stay out of debt? The answer requires a shift in thinking and to do this, a shift is speaking.

God spoke that which was not as though it were so. He had a plan and spoke it into existence. We do the same in finance: have a written plan and speak God’s promises to bring the plans, purposes and desires He has for each of us into being. God’s Word doesn’t say he’ll provide just enough. He says he’ll provide overflow. This is biblical prosperity. This isn’t what some people say is a ‘name it and claim it’ kind of prosperity gospel. It’s intentionally letting God lead by strategically implementing systems using the financial tools available to us – not denying the desires, or judging the financial decisions of someone else. Prosperity is unique and personal for everyone because God hasn’t called all of us to be millionaires, just like He hasn’t called all of us to live as slaves to the money we are given.

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