Sending and Receiving

Two weeks ago I switched email service providers to streamline my ecommerce communications and expand the foundation for delivering Financial Grace programs.  It seems that some people aren’t receiving the weekly bulletins with the link and information to Monday Morning Prayer and other weekly activities. When I learned this last week, I did some ‘poking about’; I asked tech support to do the same, and concluded that everything looked good on our end.  But, the recipients still weren’t getting the message, even in their ‘junk folder’.

My initial reaction was one of ‘I don’t know what to do about it’ so I guess I’ll leave it and ‘hope for the best’.  But, this morning we prayed about how we receive messages and how we hear what we see through the filter of our brain. I kept praying about the situation and Holy Spirit brought a possible solution to mind that I hadn’t thought of before – a link.

So here’s the link to the message on the Financial Grace blog.  This particular message doesn’t have the prayer access information with it, but since that’s past now, I thought you might find value in the comments about ‘Guilt and a Poverty Spirit’. I will also add a bit of comment, that perhaps you picked up on while reading this: the analogy between our electronic communication and our communication with the Lord is very similar.  We don’t always know ‘how or what to do’, but the link to whatever situation you might be facing is found through prayer and the Word of God.  It’s fascinating how the more you press in, the more He speaks and the more insight, revelation, answers and results you see!

I pray this is a blessing to you and that you receive from the Lord this week answers you previously didn’t know existed to situations you might have otherwise thought would turn out a particular way because that’s what you’ve seen happen in the past. I pray for an abundance of pleasant surprises and results beyond what you could ask or imagine!

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