Stepping into the Water

I am postponing today’s Financial Grace MoneyMinding Meeting.  Please see below to the access the content though!

Throughout scripture there are several themes of God’s people experiencing miraculous and triumphant results when faced with what seems like an impossible situation.  A few that come to mind are the parting of the Red Sea and the Jordan River, and Queen Esther’s time of fasting before meeting with King Xerxes (see Exodus 14:21, Joshua 3-4, and Esther 4).

In all three cases, many people were affected and the consequences of not moving through the obstacle would be catastrophic. There was a season of testing, a time of preparation and there was faith required to step out and follow God’s call.  There was also the moment of truth, which was the raising the rod, step in the water, or the opening the mouth to speak. The main characters had to trust God in that moment of decision.

Today, stepping out is very similar.  There is a time of wandering and testing in the wilderness where you’re aware something’s not right and you are increasingly frustrated or unhappy.  There is a season of preparation where you’re praying and planning and researching options.  Then there is the moment where you have to open your mouth, present yourself to a potential employer, audience, buyer, banker, connection, etc. and step into the water with the faith God has given you through the seasons before.

I’m reminded of stories of hikers about to climb the final phase to the peak of a mountain (I’m not a hiker so I’m sharing from others’ experiences).  Typically, there has been a lot of preparation, and effort for the climb so far.  The final assent to the peak, however, is not like running a race, or playing some kind of sporting activity where one person scores the winning goal and it’s game over.  It’s a team effort and getting to the top is where everyone on the team experiences the results beyond the end of the game.

This little story and analogy is my humble attempt to delay launching the live Financial Grace MoneyMinding Meetings again.  I am working on the infrastructure to streamline and support the community experience.  The process is slow going and requires a lot of prayerful consideration, planning and learning.  It requires a team effort in terms of information gathering, prayer, encouragement, and other types of support. I would say the process is very similar to building anything of value, even if it’s something small like a craft project.

Financially, the process is the same one we all follow when exploring options, whether that’s for saving, lending, buying, giving, insuring, etc.  There is an awareness that something needs to change, a season of preparation and research and a time to sign the papers and commit.  Regardless of the situation, there are always people who will be impacted by your decisions to do, or to not do something, and whether you’re aware of it or not, the impact extends beyond the ‘winning goal’.

I apologize for the delay in postponing the live meeting today.  I am exploring different options for the members area to provide the connection and opportunity to access information and to ask questions and share ideas.  I am also actively praying for support for someone to come alongside and work with me to implement some of the plans and systems so we can ascend to the peak of the mountain more efficiently.  In the meantime, I have added the activation questions for the Introductory video and the first Financial Grace MoneyMinding lesson.  You can access these here.  Also, if you have questions you can email me directly and I’ll provide answers in some way through the Financial Grace Leaders.

Looking forward to continuing to share this process with you and I pray that sharing the details of the journey is a blessing to you!


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