Testimonials, Success Stories and Accolades for Sam’s Teaching

An interesting thing I've learned during the healing after my business failed is how easy it is to believe the enemy's lies, and how powerful the spirit of rejection can be. 

Do you believe you have value?

Have you ever found yourself timid speaking up about something you're passionate about because you were concerned what others might think?

One of the sad realities of the failure of my corporate business, MoneyMinding is the loss of relationships and the impact I let upset my confidence in the work God placed in my heart to do. If you haven’t read my testimony you’ll discover that I trusted someone whose intention was to commit an illegal act using me and my business as the tool for him and his team to make millions. It was a dramatic intervention by Holy Spirit that saved me from fighting my way out of jail.

What was good information and life-changing for people then is still relevant today - and better, because it is now infused with Power from on high and confirmed through relationships formed through His love - not just for individual financial gain! 

As I (Sam) compile the seeds that remain from the original MoneyMinding business, I find nuggets of precious gems that are being polished up, recycled, repurposed and replanted to produce a much bigger, better, stronger harvest of overflowing blessings in praise and honour to Lord, Jesus.

I give all the credit to our Heavenly Father, because I have struggled to let go of control, wallowed in self-pity, harbored resentment, and certainly partnered with fear and unbelief for a long time... but He is gentle and faithful in making sure I stayed the course to complete the task He wants to see produce fruit, because I believe He wants to see that fruit multiplied in your life also!

The corporate MoneyMinding message was about integrating financial literacy concepts with emotional success principles to create sustainable income. There was a system and process that was implemented successfully by many people.

Below are some comments and stories from some of my students. They are in no particular order, and there are even more than these.  Many people find it difficult to accept compliments. My advice, after falling in to a pit of financial despair, is for you to seek our and receive compliments because in the receiving we experience free gifts from others. If you habitually reject encouraging words, you are also more likely to reject God's loving words toward you and believe the enemy's lies.

In my pit of despair I let the enemy convince me that 'no one cared'. God cares and He has good plans for each of His children as we seek Him. Take time to find out and to meditate on His loving kindness towards you.  My prayer today is: “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers” (3 John 2).

I share these comments humbly, and hopeful they spark some interest and hope for you, wherever you're beginning your journey with financial grace!

Many blessings,


PS – Most of the stories here are addressed to Tracy.  That is my legal name. I went by Tracy for the first 50 years of my life. My Christian name is Sam. You can read about the name change here if you like, but Sam I am today as God has heard my prayers 🙂

First, some comments from some of my professional mentors:

with michael gerber

Me (before letting my hair stay natural) with eMyth business system expert and author, Michael Gerber.  The emyth is "Why most small businesses fail and what you can do about it... "He said, about me, "You need to share your stories for everyone to benefit."


instant income

Janet Switzer, author of Instant Income and marketing genius behind the successful Chicken Soup series said... "You've got so many things done right."  Her message to me was about how I help give people access to resources and connections to help them get what they want sooner.

mark VH

I love this comment that Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series wrote about me ...
"Tracy Piercy and her MoneyMinding Systems are happily helping people get rich and become philanthropists."
He said, "Success is a series of action steps integrated with proven principles and strategies."

Strategic, Practical and Safe!

Tracy walks her talk when it comes to 'finding money'. She assures me it's easier to find $450,000 than $20! She takes you 'outside the box' in a very easy way. Her thinking is creative, strategic, practical and safe. Thanks, Tracy, for not only empowering me so that I can do it, but actually giving me the confidence, tools and direction to DO IT!"

~ GW, Sales Professional

Life-long Goals Become “Clearly Possible”

"It is amazing to me, yet accurate to say, that Tracy Piercy and MoneyMinding have guided us to revolutionize our finances. In six months, when dealing with the flow of money in our lives, my husband and I have moved from chaos and anxiety to calm control and predictability. Life-long goals that previously seemed ridiculously out-of-reach are now clearly possible. Tracy’s calm, straight-forward, of-course-you-can-do-it manner, combined with her broad-scoped skills and knowledge, continue to support and encourage us to reach for what we really dream about doing."

~ NM, Writer and Consultant

MoneyMinding Respects Your Values

"MoneyMinding is allowing me to spend my money in a way that values my life."

~ Pat, HR Manager

This is what one financial professional had to say about the MoneyMinding® System after his training experience:

"It is absolutely brilliant. It's all here and all organized in a way that logically makes sense.  Fantastic - if I had the time, I would have loved to put something like this together - only I wouldn't have thought of so many extra details. It's exactly what we need."

~ Allen, Financial Advisor

MoneyMinding Helps Real Estate Investors Manage Wealth

“I teach people about real estate investing.   I would never talk to people and be hands-on about their finances – that’s not my job.  But as people begin to invest in real estate, they need to know how to manage their wealth.  MoneyMinding provides the curriculum, the information and the coaching they need. This is an incredible value-added tool for my program.” 

~ Jo, Real Estate Investor

New Financial Opportunities On The First Day 

"I learned 3 important things I can do to create new financial opportunities on the first day alone. Brilliant and practical information that everyone needs!"

~ James, Business Consultant

“Opened My Mind to the Multitude of Opportunities”

"MoneyMinding exceeded my expectations. It not only expanded my financial knowledge, it opened my mind to the multitude of opportunities available to each and everyone of us. Tracy walks her talk - her mission to help people take charge of their financial future is loud and clear."  "A BIG THANK YOU!"

~ Maria, Corporate Administrator, Real Estate Investor

“With MoneyMinding, It’s All There”

“I was spending a lot of time educating people on my own.  With MoneyMinding, it’s all there, plus it streamlines and puts a system around that education, freeing up time where I can service existing clients and find new ones.”

“I believe MoneyMinding will add value to my clients, my business and personal life, and give me credibility and uniqueness in my industry.”

~ Sherry, Financial Advisor 

MoneyMinding On The Right Track

I left feeling really EXCITED about my financial future.  If my reaction is an indicator, you are on the right track. You have been blessed with special talents and you are using them.

~ Darlene, Teacher

Clarity and Determination
I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your strength, clarity and determination at our meeting today.

~ Colette, Counsellor

Concepts are Real and Applicable
Once again, a tour-de-force. I really do think one of your innate gifts is teaching - you put across concepts I've read about for years in a way that feels real and applicable (the way you relate the principles to your own application is especially powerful).

~ Julia, Mediator

Stimulating, Challenging, and Above All, Caring

"I truly hold you as an exceptional role model of a woman who is walking the walk. Your communications are always stimulating, challenging, and above all, caring. In the world of financial planners, you are somewhat of an anomaly to me, and I know that is why I trust you".

~ Nancy, Business Owner

“Your Practical Talents Are Awesome”

Your professionalism and in-depth knowledge was amazing and your practical talents are awesome. 

~ Karen, Realtor

MoneyMinding is Easy to Understand

I think your MoneyMinding program is great - I went through it, but am going back to review. You offer such great information and you package it so it's simple and easy to understand. I appreciate that!

~ Lisa, Small Coach

Personable Style Plus Expertise

I found Tracy Piercy to be very well informed and very approachable. I appreciated her personable style combined with her depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise. As well, her sensitivity to my needs was invaluable as I maneuvered through the millions of decisions and piles of paperwork to purchase my first piece of real estate. I sense that we have similar values and ethics about work and supporting other women in the larger community. I would and do recommend her to my friends and colleagues.

~ Joan, M.Ed., Registered Clinical Counsellor

Inspiring Enthusiasm and Passion

Thanks for providing a lot of useful information that will help me make a more informed decision about my future career direction. Having some experience as a teacher myself, I know how difficult it is to relate theory with reality and to keep it interesting at the same time. You were able to do that very well. Your enthusiasm and passion for your profession are inspiring.

~ Dave, Student (Financial Planning Fundamentals)

“Your Talent For Sharing is Unsurpassable”
Thank you for your devotion to your work and beliefs. Your talent for sharing is unsurpassable.

~ Ollie, Student (Seven Strategies for Investment Success)

Compassionate Expertise
I was so encouraged by your presence and your compassionate expertise.

~ Nancy, Participant (Working Your Way Out of Debt Workshop)

“This Class Has Ignited the Flame In My Head”
This is an exciting topic for me and the best part was my instructor's enthusiasm. It is so nice to be taught by someone who truly loves to teach. The exchange of learning is far more valuable. This class has ignited the flame in my head to fully grasp all the concepts. Personable instruction makes for a comfortable environment. Ability to relate to her students with humour. Comprehensive with detailed explanations.

~ Student Feedback (Practical Financial Planning Course)

Thought-Provoking Seminars
Informative and enjoyable. Excellent, thought provoking. Got me thinking one-step at a time! Tracy, you're great. Thanks!

~ Participant Feedback (Retirement Minding Seminar)

Comfortable, creative climate
A comfortable climate was created – I felt safe, relaxed and able to freely participate. Powerful. Flowed smoothly. Fun, creative.

~ Participant Feedback (Encouraging Possibilities Workshop)

Insightful Materials
I was inspired by the possibilities you presented. Very thought provoking, informative; opened up a number of practical application channels. The material was very insightful.

~ Participant Feedback (MoneyMinding Workshop)

Principles Change Thinking
My mother saw you speak at the Women's Evening Edition at Lambrick Park Church. She said you were excellent and shared your story with me. I found it so amazing I had to get in touch with you. As a young person it is very important to manage your finances properly and being your way to financial freedom. The principles you have introduced to me have really changed my frame of thinking as far as money is concerned. I am looking forward to learning more from you in the future.

~ Dani, Artist/Stylist, Fashion Industry

Praiseworthy Newsletter
Your newsletter is nothing short of WONDERFUL! Thank you for including me on your distribution list.

~ Andrea, Senior Recruiter, Personnel Department

Newsletter Adds Depth to Goal Setting
Just read another amazing edition of your newsletter. As usual, I was totally inspired and I am sitting down in a moment to write out my goals. Being a regular goal-setter, I would've done that anyway, but your newsletter gave me more food for thought and more depth to goal-setting. Thanks Tracy!

~ Alan, Mortgage Broker

Personal Content Appreciated
You continue to astound me. I appreciate the personal content of your dialogue while you share.

~ CK, Vice President, Investment Advisor

Long Overdue
This information is long overdue. I’m looking forward to discovering what the future will hold!.

~ Nada, Financial Coach

MoneyMinding Materials are Top Quality
I am so grateful to you for the new binder. It makes mountains into molehills! I look forward to using it and learning from you, and participating in your MoneyMinding calls and Mingles over the next year..

~ Jean, Networking Specialist

MoneyMinding’s Significant Impact
Tracy, I am so excited about MoneyMinding – it has had such a significant impact on me, my confidence and my future. It is early days… but I just know I have lots of ability to make MoneyMinding happen for people..

~ Jan, Real Estate Investor, Consultant

Program Never Gets Old!

One can follow the program in a year (more or less) and each can revisit this wonderful program again and again… because you are always in a different place after a growth spurt!

~ Wendy, Personal Coach

Mastery Training “Most Inspiring 4 Days I’ve Experienced!”
Thank you for the most inspiring four days I think I have ever experienced. What totally made it that way was the size of the group and who we all were. I dreamed of being in the same room with the mix of experience and personalities that we all represented this wee, but never thought I would have the opportunity.

~ Jane, Elder Care

Monday Mentorship Calls “Personal and Supportive”
I really look forward to the calls on Mondays – they give me structure and keep me connected. I get someplace I can learn about the confidential topic of money in a way that gives me a platform that’s still personal and supportive. I’m so grateful to have other people on the calls so it helps me refocus on the steps and moves it forward in my memory. Each time I feel like I’m getting closer to understanding and opening up the doors to reach my goals.

~ Gerald, Nutritional Consultant

Opened Up a Whole New World!
You certainly opened up a whole new world for me – that is, how to relate positively to money. For the first time, I sense that money can be a topic, just like any other I study, to be analyzed, looked at from a different angle and made a useful tool for a successful life, yours and others. You recommend not just to dream new possibilities, but to dare to take action!

~ Katherine, Environmental Consultant

Not Alone on the Road to Success
I’m so grateful for the work you do. It’s good to know I am not alone as I travel the winding road to success in my field. Thanks for providing advice, encouragement, support and a forum that encourages kindred spirits to brainstorm solutions and move forward.

~ Jan, MA Certified Retirement Coach

Money Goal Reached 6 Months Early!
I found the cheque I wrote to myself at your workshop a while ago and was so excited to see that I had reached my goal 6 months earler than the date on my cheque!

~ Fran , photographer

MoneyMinding Provides the Big Perspective
It’s so refreshing hearing someone talk from a frame of reference other than that of “old” financial advisors (which were about stocks, bonds, mutual funds and oh yes, insurance). Nothing about setting up a personal business, looking into real estate investing, etc. I’m so impressed with the “big perspective” you provide and the “kick in the pants” advice you give to get out there and do it. I love the MoneyMinding progfam and feel you’re doing LOTS of good work that will help folks tremendously.

~ Elaine, Teacher, Counsellor

“You’ve Brightened My Perspective Around Money”
I believe I do pretty well with money, but also acknowledge my shortcomings. My goal is to eliminate those shortcomings as best I can. My biggest problem is emotional spending. Like the gorgeous red patent shoes I bought yesterday!
[2 months later…] Thought I’d just touch base and tell you that your influence has certainly brightened my perspective around money… the cash thing is invaluable… I think I’m pretty on track with other things and pointing out the emotional sid of this money issue has been very revealing.

~ Lillian , Business Owner

“Real Techniques that We Can Use Immediately”
I appreciate you giving us real techniques that we can use immediately. Thanks for the cheque to keep with us as a reminder of our goal – I have it with me right beside my desk!

~ Phebe, Real Estate Investor

MoneyMinding Helps Build Your Business
“I see the huge potential cross-marketing and affiliation with MoneyMinding has”

~ Mitchell, Private Investor

You Don’t Have to Be A Financial Expert to Benefit
“Thank you for bringing the information in a simple and systematic way that anyone can understand”

~ Mary Beth, Mary Kay Cosmetics

Your TIPS are just awesome, Tracy! Thank you so much. I save them all.

~ Liz, Vancouver, BC

Subject: Re: 'Melt' Your Mortgage... A Special MoneyMinding Recommendation

Thanks, Tracy. An intriguing product (I've just been reading reviews online). Since it seems to be based on a line of credit, I will have to see if I would qualify for one...

As usual, Tracy, I like your advice and your offerings but can't seem to get myself off the fence. Keep sending them, though, and I'll keep reading them.

~ Jay

Trace - this is positive! Wanted you to see it.
Subject: Thank you so much !

Hello Nancy (MoneyMinding Advisor),

I trust this email finds you in good health and high spirits.

Your presentation on Friday was most inspiring, I must say. Not much excites me anymore (especially finances). However, I do think you are really onto something here.

Warm Regards,
Deborah, Private Finance

Subject: Re: Barbara, Here is Your Weekly MoneyMinding Tip

This message was great, I also benefited, will pass it on to all other children under 25! Yeh Barb

That tip today blew me out of the water. I have been in declutter mode for 2 months now. In fact I am in reality burnt out from the clutter in my life. So receiving this was very supportive as I step back and purge.
Thank you,
Mary, Free Lance Writer

Subject: Re: Joe, Here is Your Weekly MoneyMinding Tip

Thanks for the enormous tip. I am now using excel to track my expenses.


Hi Tracy,

I don't expect you to remember me but I just wanted to give you an update since our first introduction. In terms of my MoneyMinding homework I am very behind however I have implemented some of the small changes that you have mentioned, eg. carrying cash in your wallet, this is historic for me as I usually have lint to offer. Thinking about abundance and keeping those thoughts in the forefront of my mind. Reading, something I always did but now I do it with new zeal and excitement even though it may go completely over my head. Questioning more instead of just accepting the given answer is liberating.

The amazing thing that has occurred is the formation of a dream. I had fantasies of buying a house because I am tired of the b.s. with my condo. As the Gods would have it my guy, David and I qualified for a mortgage, shock of all shocks and will be renting out our condo to boot. After some looking around and being denied by some builders wanting 10% and not a penny less. We found a builder that would accept our little 5% and started the process of settling and compromising, we loved the area but the plan and the finishes was not oh my God by any means. Anyway, I went into some other show homes nearby but a much more exclusive and expensive area with the sole purpose of drooling. and then go back to reality, the next day I brought David to have a drool. Upon talking with the area manager, he let us know that lot prices would be reduced for the developer wants to open the next phase of the development. In my mind I'm like ya right from $200,000 to $180,000 too rich for our blood still. It turned out that the lots that we fantasied about went from $200,000 to $164,900. I could not believe the email when I read it. With that David and I saw one of their home plans that with some minor changes could be very close to our dream home and more importantly the numbers work. Not to bore you further with the details, we have secured the home. A dream come true!!

With that said I'm a tad skittish as you hear how house prices are going to drop substantially as interest rates continue to rise. As well the naysayers like Garth Turner speaking of the fools and greater fools out there. Is it possible on one our your calls to have a speaker or you talk about the housing bubbles, negative equity etc. and the long term effect.

Sincerely thanking you,

From a Financial Professional Marketing Partner…

I see the brilliance of your MoneyMinding service and while it’s been a tough two years, you are so genuine and passionate that I can’t say no.


Subject: RE: Margaret, Here is Your Weekly MoneyMinding Tip

Thank you Tracy. I needed the reminder to plan the withdrawals as I was watching the account diminish and feeling the increasing panicky sense of scarcity and lack. I reminded myself that God has never let me be hungry or without a roof over my head.


Hey Tracy,

Just wanted to let you know that your moneyminding has got a girl thinking that one's dreams can come true.


Okay...here's my little story...

In all the years I have learned about goal setting and creating a life you
dream of, no one has ever asked me to do a budget for that future life.

What an eye opener! We have always dreamed of having a boat, and as I went
to add mooring fees to my budget I realized I have no idea what it costs.
When you are really clear and specific about where you're trying to
go... getting there becomes the easy part.

Wealth Secrets is the best program I've ever encountered for creating the life you want to live NOW.


I would not have attempted this new venture without the confidence and out of the box thinking provided by the money minding training. Money Minding has given me the support, the networks and the out of the box mindset that moved me from the pay cheque to pay cheque mentality to the concept of Financial Independence.
Thank you Money Minding Team.

Subject: Re: MoneyMinding Mix 'n' Mingle: Trends and Timing in Real Estate

To Cat (MoneyMinding Advisor) There are wonderful programs out there, and many that offer things yours doesn't, but there is something unique and substantial and in-depth about the Money Minding program that is missing even from Money Matters. Money Matters is still a wonderful introduction to, well, money matters, and includes discussions of such wonderful things as the Law of Attraction. But Money Minding goes deeper, and systematically supports members much further and deeper than Money Matters supports graduates (for a fee, of course). Money Matters folks will happily sit down with you and explain anything for free if you ask. Both have their strengths. And while paying to join Money Minding has been a stretch for me right now, ironically, people are more likely to take advantage of a program they pay for than one they ask for free help with.

Anyways, I wanted you to know, too, that my guests, both of whom have also really been around, were both also quite enthusiastic with what they saw. I'll continue to invite new guests each month. And you can quote that if you want.


Subject: my story

So, a year ago I went to a women's networking event and we were asked by the speaker, Tracy Piercy, to write a cheque to ourselves - the cheque was to represent one month's wages. At that time, I was in real estate less than a year and my goal was to complete 2 transactions a month. At that time, although I had written offers, I hadn't been paid in months and I was awaiting the payout for completing six sales. I was about $10,000 in debt and just treading water as bills were piling up. So, I wrote a cheque to myself for $20,000/month thinking that it was outrageous, but maybe I could attain it. Every once in a while the cheque that I wrote to myself falls out of my journal and I catch myself looking at it and I think, I can do it!

I was just checking my sales for next month, trying to figure out if they were right and I realised I will exceed my goal! It really is not for the money that I am doing this, but because I really like it. But, coming from being a stay-at-home mom for a few years with no money, it sure feels good to reach a goal and be financially independent.

Thank you for your inspiration!

In recognition of outstanding commitment to clients and superior work ethic
MLS(R) Silver Medal Award -

MoneyMinding isn’t just a course. Really what it is, is a community. That’s the key: it’s to be able to have that community of people who are like-minded, who are headed in the same direction. In today’s marketplace with all these membership programs and all the products, how does a person sort through it? By being involved in a community that is working on it together.”

~ Adam, Independent Financial Advisor and Insurance Broker

My testimony!

My aunt always kept very meticulous records of her expenses throughout her life, and made solid investments, resulting in a stable financial situation for her now in her later years. For me, this kind of personal financial responsibility has been slow to surface.

It’s been a year since I met Tracy Piercy, and she introduced me to the Money Minding Mentality. I became a life-time member in the fall, however it’s only been since March of this year that I embraced the opportunity to begin meeting with a financial advisor regularly. This strengthened my resolve to take personal responsibility for my financial health. I now carry a small notebook with me to note all of my expenses, and how I pay for them (cash/debit/charge) each day. The days that No Money is spent, I note that as well, with a “0”. And there ARE those days. (They’re usually the days the car is parked).

In May I was offered and accepted a low interest loan through my bank for $15,000. I’d heard a tip on one of Tracy’s weekly calls about improving credit ratings by having credit card balances below half the credit limit. I was eager to do this. The day I received the cheque, I just had enough time in my day to deposit it and transfer 2,000 to my high interest savings account, to top it up from recent ‘borrowing’. The next day I had about half an hour to pay on two credit card payments, and rather than shuffle numbers through telephone banking, I decided to have some fun. How often do we actually handle the money in our major transactions? In the middle of a Friday afternoon I visited three banks that had no line ups! My fun was blessed. First I went to my own bank and with smiles the teller happily filled my request for two envelopes: one filled with $8,000 cash, and the other with $3,800 cash (all hundreds). She sealed and stamped them. I drove across the highway to the next bank, and presented my bill to that teller. I said I wanted to make a payment, after I did one thing. I fanned out the 80 one hundred dollar bills on the counter between us, while she nervously looked around and exclaimed, “I have never seen anyone do this before”. Needless to say she’d never seen someone then photograph it either! Minutes later the bills were gathered up, automatically counted and bound/clipped and tucked out of sight. The result: credit card # 1 paid off to almost half the credit limit.

I then drove down the highway to the next bank, again no line up, and my teller was a tall cheerful man who had the exact same refrain, “I’ve never seen anyone do this before” when I fanned out 19 hundred dollar bills on the counter between us (face up this time, to contrast with the first fan). After I made that photograph he was quite happy to make a photo of me smiling with the money, “happily paying my bills”, and in this case, paying off the entire outstanding balance.

Since the bank was quiet of customers, I offered to make a “teller photo”, and as far as concern for bank etiquette went, the manager wanted to be in the photo! By that time one of the tellers had a customer, so I had them all gather around her so we could include her in the portrait. As I was leaving their bank, I got the manager’s business card from one of the tellers who told me, “you sure brightened the day for us, thank you!” I’ve sent them a card of the images, and will follow up with the manager this week. I’ll see if I can get permission to include the teller photo in your profile on this experience.

The next day I was walking through the forest on the property where I live to pay my rent, and realized it would make a lovely backdrop to a fan of 50’s, 20’s and 10 this time, since I was now getting into the natural groove of bringing joy and fun into sharing the cash flow in my life.

I am thankful for the encouragement to stretch beyond the familiar bounds of attitude about paying bills and having expenses. One of the things I have noticed about writing down all of my expenses each day is that besides being much more organized with my receipts, I am even more grateful than ever to witness how much cash is flowing. And how novel it is these days to pay with cash. To me it’s like taking the time to choose colourful stamps for my letters and parcels rather than the white postage meter.

I have a SendOutCard of these photos that I have been showing to people as I go through my days, with the fan in the forest being the first one they see, with the common response being “I wish I had that money” ~ you can! how simple this can be!

I read a quote this week:
“By taking personal responsibility, one develops a hunger to accomplish one’s dreams”.

I have also written a short story “A Day in the Life of a Penny” which includes many common expressions about money. And a song “Yes, I am Rich, Man” to the tune of “If I Were a Rich Man”. Let me know if you’d like to include these in upcoming features on your website.

Warm regards,

See attached  This new home would not be happening without the MoneyMinding Advisor training. !!!! Thank you Tracy for the amazing people you’re connecting through MoneyMinding–and the amazing resources you bring to us.
Yahoo! We take possession on Tuesday, June 24th and will begin expanding the basement suite to create student accommodation the day after we move in.

~ Sharon, Certified Executive Coach

Subject: RE: Invitations for the next Mastery
Thanks! It was a stretch for me –gulp.
I’ve made an offer on a house –will know in two days if it’s a go. The deal is conditional on the owners getting my conditions removed before people with back-up offer on the house they want get theirs one. Big time crunch. And being able to pull out my locked in pension—learned in the MMA course is part of the reason I can do it.
Hey—I’ve had another MoneyMinding success. I got offered an MBNA credit card—and it came in with a huge line of credit on it –so I called and said I wanted a better interest rate, as I have other Mastercards and I’m only going to keep the one that gives me the best rate. They reduced it from 17.99 to 11.99 permanently ---and I get 0% for 8 months. Yay! Wouldn’t have occurred to me without MM thinking.


Subject: RE: Thriving & Surviving the Current Market - It is happening at 12 NOON
Hello Tracy

I want to thank you for helping me get back on track. It is encouraging to find I have been doing so many of the suggestions already and now need to tweak a few more into place.


...more coming!