Are You Praying the Oh God Prayer?

“O God, Please Make My Debt Go Away…I know I caused it, but you know I needed those things. They were such a good deal and I know you want me to be wise with money.  I know I used my credit card and line of credit when I knew there wasn’t enough money in the bank.  And you know we needed that vacation to get away from all the stress and reconnect with you.  It’s so hard to enjoy your presence with all the distractions of the car needing repair and the pains in my chest. If I can’t work, I’ll lose my job, then I’ll lose the house and forget about retirement. I’ll have to move with the kids and grandkids to their small apartment because none of us will ever afford our own home again. It’s so expensive to live and forget about any kind of savings.  Yes, I know I should give more and you know I want to help other people, but all I do is work to pay for the bills and high interest rates. It’s such a rip off; I know if I didn’t have the debt I could get by.

…O God, please help me deal with all this money stuff”

What if the answers were treasures locked in a paradigm of thinking that has hidden the riches you already have access to, from producing a fruitful harvest of overflowing blessings?

Challenge Yourself with a Paradigm Shifting Prayer Strategy

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