What is Financial Grace?

Financial Grace Ministries has been developing out of years of professional, personal and biblical study and application.  The programs and message are designed to empower, educate, encourage and equip the church in the area of personal finance. The concepts and principles taught and supported in Financial Grace programs and materials are unique, comprehensive, personal, non-threatening and extremely effective.  Here’s a short summary of what Financial Grace teaching is and is not!

Financial Grace is NOT:

  • Conventional money teaching concepts with some ‘God’ thrown in
  • Biblical principles for money management alone
  • How to get God’s blessings so you can have more wealth

Financial Grace IS:

  • God first, then money
  • Biblical principles, professional understanding, and practical strategies for all areas of personal finance
  • How to live an abundant life according to God’s plans

I encourage you to listen to Financial Grace Radio and in particular the preview episode where Financial Grace is introduced. You can access that recording here.  Also, make sure you join our community and stay tuned to receive ongoing Prosperity Seeds.