Workshops and Specialty Programs

Financial Grace provides live, in-person training, workshops, seminars and other events as well as online webinars and simulcasts.  Many of these programs include workbooks and follow up course materials.

In addition, you can also find home and group study materials to work through by yourself or with a friend, spouse of child.

Here is a partial list of current programs:

Money Revisited Community Fund Raising Events PLUS Speciality Workshops on a variety of financial topics including debt, retirement, budgets and marriage and money (90 – 120 minutes)

Better Banking

Financial 180

3-Day Transformation Retreat

7-Day Financial Turnaround Home Study Program

Encouraging Possibilities Workshop and / or Home Study Program

Biblical Wealth Secrets of Everyday Spending Home Study Program

For more information make sure you subscribe to the Financial Grace Community to hear about program availability and specifics or to enquire about hosting an event please contact us at 250-592-0457 or