Money Revisited and Other Workshops

Money Revisited 90-minute workshops are live and webcast timely, practical and topical financial issues.  The topics vary from month to month.  Some of our past themes have been home buying, income creation, debt management, estate planning, and banking.

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As well, the following 90-minute workshops are designed to ensure that participants leave with fresh insights and a personal action plan to address the situation in their own lives. Each program is interactive, meaning the materials are not simply theories or information. Participants have an opportunity to experience the application of the concepts while they learn.

Each of these programs are stand-alone so you can attend one or all for different strategies, then plug into Money Revisited Workshops locally for ongoing Financial Grace learning.

1.  How Spending Money Is The Secret to Wealth

2.  Why ‘Get Our Of Debt’ Will Keep You Broke 

3.  Why Saving Money Is Not The Secret To Retirement

4.  Charitable Earning: Sustainability For Yourself And Others

5.  Intentional Spending: Make Every Dollar Count!

6.  Money, Marriage and More:  An Introduction to Money In Marriage

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Program Descriptions:

Intentional Spending (Biblical and Practical Concepts for Today’s Money Management)

During this 90 minute interactive workshop you will learn share how our conventional money wisdom causes fear, doubt and intimidation and how a shift in perspective can provide you with immediate and long term financial results that benefit yourself and others. Participants can expect to leave with a personal action plan for their immediate needs as well as inspiration for longer term sustainability.  You will also hear why Sam’s professional background actually lead her to leave her successful financial practice to teach the emotional, entrepreneurial and sustainable principles of personal finance. The message, however, is much more than a story, or theory and technical strategies. It is one of practical application, personal experience, infinite possibilities, and God’s love.

Why Saving Money is Not the Secret to Retirement
(And What the Bible Really Teaches about Providing for Old Age)

Conventional teaching on how to ‘retire’ isn’t working, and is actually contributing to financial stress. Saving money and accumulating a ‘big pot of gold for retirement’ is not the answer. Getting a good return on investment, saving more, cutting back expenses, reducing fees and paying less interest is only going to make life more stressful and difficult for most of the population. This outdated model is actually impossible for most people to achieve and is no where to be found in the bible.

Why is the answer so simple, yet rarely acknowledged? The real-life problems of this outdated plan are rampant. The real-life answers can be learned by young children. What is the secret to retirement? Find out. Implement it into your plans and expect to see significant results next year. Without changing your current systems, simply change your perspective and you will have found the secret to financial and business success.

The concepts presented during this program are based on Sam’s professional background and her biblical knowledge as well as personal and practical experience. The real secret to retirement is the inspiration behind Financial Grace. When you know the secret, you are guaranteed to have a new outlook on all areas of life and money.

When you attend this 90 minute interactive workshop you can expect to leave with a clear understanding of how to implement financial sustainability into your personal life and our society.

Why ‘Get Out Of Debt Will Keep You Broke

One of the biggest problems facing our financial well-being is the fear and intimidation people have around discussing money issues. The popular chorus of ‘get out of debt’ is actually fuelling scarcity, fear and intimidation. Learning to understand and manage the incredibly powerful tool of credit within the context of your current money reality is simple, effective and has the potential to immediately create financial resources you didn’t previously know you had.

The issue isn’t the debt; nor is it ‘over-spending’. The issue is partly perspective, and partly systems. God gives us a blueprint for efficient use of ALL the resources He provides us. When you apply His blueprint you will be able to experience financial freedom in your life today and in the future!

The unproductive debt will be dealt with while you are living your life and creating sustainable wealth for yourself and others. It’s simple.  When you attend this 90 minute workshop you will leave with a personal action plan for not just dealing with debt, but all areas of credit use in your life. You will also hear about God’s provision in helping recover from bad credit or bankruptcy as well as navigating high debt from personal, business, investment, health or other reasons.